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Floating Lantern Festival 2024: History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

The Floating Lantern Festival 2024, held on February 24, features traditional Chinese illuminations made from oiled silk or paper, including water and sky lanterns.

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Floating Lantern Festival 2024 History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

Floating Lantern Festival 2024: The Floating Lantern Festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the Chinese calendar’s first month. The date is February 24 this year. Floating lanterns are traditional Chinese illuminations constructed from oiled silk or paper, intended for discharge into the air or water. Water lanterns or floating lanterns are designated as such, whereas lanterns that ascend into the atmosphere are referred to as sky lanterns.

In addition, paper shapes, typically animals or Chinese characters, adorn the lanterns. People construct a lantern by using a few bamboo skewers to hold the sides of a narrow square frame together. Additionally, many believe that releasing lanterns into bodies of water such as lakes, seas, rivers, and wells will bring fertility to the region, as water spirits are said to joyfully greet them.

Floating Lantern Festival History

Excitingly lengthy is the Floating Lantern Festival’s history. Craftsmen in ancient times crafted lanterns from papier-maché or bamboo. People typically embellished the lanterns with vibrant ribbons and shaped them into horses or dragons. People affix lanterns to walls or ceilings in temples and homes for festive occasions like weddings or anniversaries. In most locations, people simply display lanterns for admiration; releasing them into the air or allowing them to travel down waterways holds a distinct significance.

It is said that Emperor Ming, during the Han Dynasty (25 A.D.–220 A.D.), imitated Buddhist priests by lighting lanterns on the fifteenth day of the Chinese year, approximately 2,000 years ago. He issued the directive for lanterns to be illuminated within the palace, temples, and residences as an act of veneration towards Buddha. In another Chinese mythological legend, the Jade Emperor, a deity, intended to torch a village for the destruction of his preferred crane. His daughter felt sympathy for the villagers and informed them of the situation; a wise man then suggested that they string and illuminate numerous red lanterns to give the impression that the village was already on fire.

In numerous Asian nations, the Floating Lantern Festival is a highly anticipated occasion. The festival expanded to adjacent countries, such as Korea and Japan, as a result of the cultural influence of China. Although the Floating Lantern Festival continues to be observed both domestically and internationally, it does not fall within the seven official public holidays acknowledged in Mainland China. Consequently, individuals do not typically receive any time off from work or school.

For centuries, floating lantern festivals have been a significant cultural phenomenon in various Asian nations, including China and Japan. The prevalence of Chinese-style Lantern Festival festivities is on the rise in the United States. Such an occasion is the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival.

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Floating Lantern Festival 2024 FAQs

How is a luminary that floats referred to?

People occasionally refer to sky lanterns as fire balloons or sky candles, depending on the culture or language. The term for them in Thai is “khom loi.” Designers create water lanterns or floating lanterns to submerge them in water so that they can flow with the current.

The location of the largest Lantern Festival.

Diwali is the largest lantern festival in India. Hindus around the globe observe Diwali, the festival of lights, in early autumn. People celebrate it annually on the 15th day of Kartika, the holiest month according to the Hindu lunar calendar, regardless of the vernacular.

Do lamps descend once more?

Once the lantern runs out of fuel, it will render both the flame and the fuel material ineffective. In the air, it will extinguish itself and float back to Earth. The fate of lanterns as refuse or biodegradable is contingent upon the material composition.

Floating Lantern Festival 2024 Activities

Manifest your desire

Before discharging your lantern, utter a wish. Transcribe your wishes onto paper and insert it into the lantern. During this celebration, release your lantern to have your wishes granted, but first make sure that releasing floating lanterns or sky lanterns is allowed in your area.

Cherish the festival!

You can ultimately celebrate this festival with loved ones throughout the year, depending on the location. If no one wants to accompany you to this festival, you can also attend it on your own.

Contribute to social media

You can join others in commemorating this day by sharing the occasion on social media with your friends and family. Additionally, you may share photographs of floating lantern events you have participated in to encourage others to do the same, given that they often appear enthralling.


Year Date Day
2024 February 24 Saturday
2025 February 12 Wednesday
2026 March 3 Tuesday