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Food delivery giant Zomato lays off 540 employees across customer support teams

Online food delivery giant Zomato has laid off 540 employees at the company’s head office in Gurugram across its customer, merchant and delivery partner support teams.

“Today, we let go of 541 people (or 10% of Zomato’s strength) across these support teams based out of our offices in Gurgaon,” the company was quoted as saying from Mint on Saturday.

“Over the last few months, we have seen our technology products and platforms evolve and improve significantly. While the business has continued to grow consistently, this has led to an overall reduction in direct order-related support queries. We have dramatically improved the speed of service resolution, now only 7.5% of our orders need support (down from 15% in March).”

For cost-cutting, the company had laid off around 300 employees in early 2015.

Zomato was founded in 2008 as a restaurant discovery and review platform by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It is available in 24 countries and services 10,000 cities globally.

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