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“From Love to Loveless”, as ‘Valentines Week’ sets off here is full schedule of ‘Anti Valentines week’ 2020

Anti-Valentine's Week begins with a slap day.

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The start of February has all the love in the air and a lot of romance as well. Valentine’s week is all about celebrating love. With week-long celebrations for gestures of love until Valentine’s Day on February 14, the next week is for those who are absolutely tired of all the “love in the air” feels.

Anti-Valentine’s Week starts on February 15, and it is all about negative emotions related to love and romance.

Anti Valentine’s week will occur through initiating Slap Day and ends with Break-up day. It is never an official celebration, but most probably a result of all the cringe seeing too much of PDA (Public Display of Affection) online in the previous week. Let us explore the anti-Valentine week schedule.

If there can be an entire week dedicated to the gestures of love, then it seems fair to have a week-long for Anti-Valentine’s too.

Anti-Valentine’s Week begins with a slap day.

The next few days are kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day. The last day is break-up day, the final end of the relationship.

Anti Valentine week 2020 schedule:

February 15, 2020: Slap Day
February 16, 2020: Kick Day
February 17, 2020: Perfume Day
February 18, 2020: Flirting Day
February 19, 2020: Confession Day
February 20, 2020: Missing Day
February 21, 2020: Break-Up Day

While all of the days have negative emotions, one need not go out and start advocating it. It is not about going out slapping, kicking, flirting or breaking-up with people. You need not harbour this bitterness for anyone and be anti-love. Just trying to drain out the bad experiences one has in love and let the system be clean and empty to register newfound, pure emotions


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