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Game of Thrones 8: Here are 5 things to do to avoid spoilers on the internet

The first episode of the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones acts as a setup for the future episodes. It is low on action but is still very entertaining. Much of this episode was about reunions, both joyful and awkward.

As the season heads ahead, the common problem faced by the fans is getting spoilers of their favorite show. To avoid getting those spoilers before the episode, there are a set of things that can keep you away from the spoiling spoilers.

Before the spoilers of the next episode splurge all over, check out 5 things to do to avoid spoilers on the internet

  • Quit WhatsApp group

Major parts of spoilers are circulated on WhatsApp.  So quitting WhatsApp groups is the first thing that you have to do to avoid spoilers. WhatsApp groups are the cruelest things to happen during such times and make sure you leave every group temporarily where the risk for spoilers is high.

  • A book and a cup of coffee might help

This is the right time to detach from humans and indulge in a nice novel or book with some strong coffee. In fact, you can read the first few books of Game of Thrones just to maintain the excitement.

  • Start your own journal

Since you will be off social media anyway, you might as well develop a new hobby of writing down your feelings and about your day in a diary or a journal.

  • Learn a new language

As the makers of Game of Thrones are creating new languages for the show. The least you can do is learn a new language to be well verse before it features.

  • Refrain from even posting anything on social media

Control your urges to post pictures on social media. The moment you get on social media, you are going to be flooded with spoilers, so we’d suggest you don’t take the risk.

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