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Game of thrones: A quick recap of season 6

By Naveelah Ishteyaque
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Game of thrones: A quick recap of season 6
Image: satuharapan

It is almost impossible to meet someone nowadays and ask if you watch game of thrones and not get a response. The show has gained huge popularity with fans worldwide. And GOT fans never take the show lightly, they are die-hard fans! For GOT fans watching the series has transcended from being just another occasion to rather a religion.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is finally upon us, bringing huge relief to the millions of fans waiting to discover the fates of Tyrion and Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Daenerys and a certain Jon Snow. The show is destined to be released on 17 July, Sunday, which means GOT fans are taken for the upcoming weekends.

It’s been a long time since the stunning conclusion of Season 6 happened to us. Well, with just 1 day left for the new season to air, we need to brush up all that happened in the previous season.

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In the spectacular season 6, we witnessed a fair share of ice meeting fire. While we know the connection, fans are still waiting for visuals of it. Although fire had its final say. The song’s last verses make one thing clear: We’re a lot closer to it now. Season 6 was the one season where show turned a corner and we know that end is near.

By the end of season 6, Cersei Lannister has taken the iron throne vaporizing all her enemies, from the High Sparrow to Margaery Baratheon, in a Night of the Long Knives–style act of score settling.

After taking down the Dothraki khals, Daenerys retook Meereen with their men; now she appears poised to do the same to Westeros at the head of a massive all-star alliance. Sansa, on the other hand, played an integral part in defeating the Boltons and securing her half-brother Jon’s claim on the Winterfell.

And then there’s Jon Snow, who is still alive. He has been crowned the new King in the North. The so-called “White Wolf” is now the undisputed leader of his region’s great houses, the knights of the Vale, and his wildling allies.

One thing which is certain to happen in season 7 is that humanity will get weaker and the dead will grow stronger. Nevertheless, the good news is that the much-anticipated winter is finally coming this monsoon and the long wait is over.