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Global Day of Parents 2023: Date, History, Traditions, Facts about parent-child relationship

Global Day of Parents is observed on June 1 to honour the importance of parents and parenthood.

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Global Day of Parents 2022

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the inaugural Global Day of Parents in 2012. Since then, it has been celebrated annually on June 1 to honour parents around the globe. Parenthood is one of the most universal experiences, but it is certainly no stroll in the park. For starters, it presents difficulties even before children are born. With so many complications associated with pregnancy, it is a blessing to have a healthy parent. And despite the fact that many of us disliked being reminded to clean our quarters, someone had to help us combat the dust bunny invasion. If we had never learned to manage such small responsibilities, we would have no chance of surviving in the adult world. Therefore, let us use this day to express gratitude to our first instructors and carers. And if you’re a parent, give yourself an enormous pat on the back (literally).


Global Day of Parents is observed on June 1 to honour the importance of parents and parenthood.


Parents are a guiding light in a child’s existence. They establish the groundwork for children and provide them with the lifelong skills necessary for success. Parents safeguard their offspring and make numerous selfless sacrifices to ensure their development.

On Global Parents Day, children express their appreciation for everything their parents have done for them. In reality, our relationship with our parents is the most significant and genuine attachment that the majority of us will ever have, and the devotion of our parents to us is respected and cherished on this day. Those of us who have a healthy relationship with our parents based on trust and respect, as opposed to authority or stringent guardianship, are fortunate. It is a true privilege to have caring parents.

It is reciprocal, with parents also recognising their primary responsibility towards their children and the significance of their duties in their development. A healthy environment with healthy boundaries is essential for a child’s development, and parents are the greatest role models for this. According to studies, a child’s exposure to trauma and emotional wounds hinders their development and perspective on life, as well as the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Parenting has an effect on economic prosperity and social development, which may not appear to be significant at first glance.

In the 1980s, the United Nations began focusing on family-related issues and how the emotional and mental health of a child impacts other areas of development on a large scale. The General Assembly approved a resolution proclaiming 1994 the International Year of the Family on December 9, 1989. In a 1993 resolution, the 15th of May was designated as the date for the annual observance of the International Day of Families.

The United Nations designated June 1 as the date to observe Global Day of Parents on September 17, 2012. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the significance of parenting and its role in providing protection and the tools necessary for children’s positive development. Parents are, after all, a child’s first teachers and source of human interaction. Community leaders, parents, children, educators, and family organisations come together to celebrate and promote effective parenting on this day.

There are also numerous campaigns and educational programmes aimed at parents and promoting stability within nuclear families. Associated organisations also promote the two-parent nuclear family model on this day.


There are numerous occasions throughout the year when we express our appreciation and affection for our parents and grandparents. While Global Day of Parents traditions are similar to those of other holidays such as Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, people now go beyond gift-giving and flowers. Recognising that parenting is challenging and that parents do their best, children support their parents with the same tenderness they received from their parents.

Since Global Day of Parents is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday, numerous special announcements, rallies, proclamations, and events are organised, and the community hosts programmes and entertainment evenings.


It is not optional

As with all blood connections, the parent-child relationship is a unique and enduring one that withstands the test of time.

The most relationships

Parents and children interact more than any other relationship, whether it be with siblings or friends.

Your mother is correct!

Our parents truly do know what is best for us, despite our denials, because they have more life experience and have endured more difficulties.

The agonies of maturation

It is a fact that children will mature into adults with their own lives and families, but the bond between them and their parents will endure eternally and transcend time.

You will channel your parents.

You will one day walk and speak like your parents, regardless of whether this is due to genetics or learned behaviour patterns. You will also likely adopt a few annoying habits of theirs that you vowed you would never adopt.


Year Date Day
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday
2025 June 1 Sunday
2026 June 1 Monday
2027 June 1 Tuesday