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How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone in 2023

If the Photos app fails to detect red eye in your images, you can also use third-party applications to eradicate it.

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How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone
How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone

How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone: The Photos application can correct images with red eye. The red eye tool should function on all images, including those captured on your phone and those downloaded from elsewhere.
If the Photos app fails to detect red eye in your images, you can also use third-party applications to eradicate it.

You took some fantastic photographs at the last celebration, but regrettably, the majority of them have red eyes. The photos themselves are excellent, but the crimson irises detract somewhat from them. In addition, some of those party photos may have originated from your friend’s smartphone. Today, we will examine how to remove red eye from photographs.

What leads to inflamed eyes?

When taking a picture with the light still on, red eye is most prevalent. The light from the explosion strikes the rear of your eye, where there is a significant amount of blood, and is then reflected to the camera. This is why you sometimes see crimson eye in your photographs. However, technological advancements have enabled businesses to create a solution to the red eye problem.

How to repair red-eye in iPhone photos

The iPhone’s Photos app includes a robust set of editing tools, including a Red Eye Tool. This utility is compatible with iPhone images as well as those saved from the web and other applications. To remove red eye from a photo, launch the Photos app on your iPhone and select the photo with red eye. It must be a photograph that was captured with a flare.

Tap the Edit icon in the upper-right corner of the display.

There should also be a diagonally striking eye emblem in the upper-right corner of the screen. This is the instrument for inflamed eyes. To correct this image, touch the red eye tool in the upper right quadrant.

Tap the first eye containing the red eye after activating the red eye tool.

Tap the second eye containing the red pupil next.

The red eye should disappear now. If not, press on them several more times. Tap the Done button in the lower-right quadrant to save the changes.

This is how it appears following the removal of the crimson eye.

Best iPhone apps to remove red eye from photos

There are a number of applications on the App Store that enable users to remove red eye from photos; here are a few that you can install on your iPhone:

In this instance, we are attempting the Pixl: Beauty Face Photo Editor app. Pixl can not only eradicate red eyes but also modify the colour of the eyes, among other effects. Let’s begin by launching the Pixl application and granting it access to your photos. After granting these permissions, select the image with the red eye.

When the image has loaded, select the Effects tab.

Tap the Red irises option next.

Now, press on each eye and choose the appropriate red eye intensity.

Next, tap the checkbox icon in the lower-right corner.

Tap the three dots icon below the edited image.

Tap the Save Image button.

Check the photos app; the red eye should no longer be present.


What should be done if a photo cannot be located in the Photos app?

The following is a workaround. You can simply capture a screenshot of the photo in any other app that allows you to access it, and then use the above instructions to remove the red eye.

Can the Photos app remove red-eye from any image?

Yes, the Photos app on iOS is capable of removing the red eye effect from any iPhone photo. This includes images captured on the device as well as those saved from other applications or the web.

Are third-party apps more effective than the Photos app at removing red eye?

Apps such as Pixl provide you with finer-grained control over how to repair red eye. Photos app can usually detect red eye, but if it does not, you can use one of the other applications listed above to remove red eye from your photos.

Can the red eye be removed from photographs older than two years?

As long as your iPhone can detect it, the red eye effect will be removed from all photos, regardless of how ancient they are.

Does eradicating the crimson eye diminish the photo’s overall quality?

Using the iOS Photos application, you can remove red eye from your photos without degrading the image quality.