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Gold and Silver Prices Today, 28th October: Check metals price here

The per-gram price of silver will vacillate daily based on market conditions, supply, and demand.

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Gold rate decreases for 24 carat/ 22 carat in India in last 24 hours: Check out the rates in you city.

Gold and Silver Prices Today: Gold prices vary from city to city based on factors such as demand, interest rates, octroi fees, state taxes, gold merchants, bullion associations, transportation costs, manufacturing fees, and other factors.

Aspects Influencing the Gold and Silver Prices Today

Gold is one of the most popular investment instruments in the globe, particularly in India. Similar to other financial assets, the price of gold fluctuates frequently. While gold’s market price is largely determined by its demand, a variety of other factors also play a role. Listed below are some of the variables that affect daily gold prices.

As with any other commodity, the fundamentals of demand and supply have a significant impact on gold prices. Increased demand coupled with a limited or limited supply typically results in a price increase. Similarly, a surplus of gold coupled with stagnant or feeble demand can lead to a decline in price. In India, the demand for gold typically increases during wedding and holiday seasons.

During an inflationary period, the value of the currency declines. In such a situation, it may be preferable to hold cash in the form of gold. This causes a rise in gold prices, which in a sense serves as a hedge against inflationary conditions.

Gold and interest rates are typically inversely related. As interest rates rise, individuals tend to sell their gold in order to earn high interest. Similarly, when interest rates fall, individuals incline to purchase more gold, thereby increasing demand.

The majority of India’s gold demand originates from rural areas. This demand tends to increase after a successful monsoon, harvest, and resulting food shortage.

India is among the many governments whose financial reserves are composed predominantly of gold. Nonetheless, if this reserve exceeds the amount of gold sold by the government, gold prices will rise due to a lack of supply. The Reserve Bank Of India maintains this reserve in India.

Gold’s correlation with the main asset classes ranges from low to negative, making it a highly effective portfolio diversifier. According to experts, gold safeguards a portfolio from volatility because the factors that influence the returns of the majority of asset classes have little effect on the price of gold. Some believe that an inverse correlation could develop between bullion and equities as company shares decline.

Gold and Silver Rates Today

  • 1 gramme: 5, 737
  • 8 gramme: 45, 896
  • 10 gramme: 57, 370
  • 100 gramme: 5, 73, 700

Gold Rate in Major Cities

Silver is considerably less expensive than gold and is regarded as a relatively good investment option in addition to being an ideal gift for special occasions. It is versatile and readily available in the form of 10g to 1kg coins and ingots. Additionally, it is extensively employed in the production of electronic and scientific equipment. Silver or a silver alloy, such as Sterling silver, can be used to create common household objects. Moreover, silver antiques may have a much higher value than the weight of the metal would suggest.

Gold and Silver Prices Today, 27th October: Check metals price here

Silver Prices Today

  • 1 gram: 67.4
  • 8 grams: 539.2
  • 10 grams: 674
  • 100 grams: 6740

Silver Prices in Major Cities

  • Chennai: 731
  • Delhi: 707
  • Mumbai: 707
  • Kolkata: 707
  • Bangalore: 707

The per-gram price of silver will vacillate daily based on market conditions, supply, and demand. You cannot predict every change in value, but you can study market trends by consulting reputable websites and jewellers or merchants.


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