Haryanvi singer, dancer Sapna Choudhary to join BJP today?
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Haryanvi singer, dancer Sapna Choudhary to join BJP today?

A few days ago, there was news of Haryanvi artist Sapna Choudhary joining Congress Party arose, but the next day Sapna denied that she has not joined any political party. Now, the news is rounding up about Sapna Choudhary joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as per the sources.

On March 24, after joining Congress Party she took a U-turn and said that she will not become a campaigner of any party nor she will contest the election, she is an artist and will remain an artist only.

While asking about her photographs with Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi getting viral over social media, she said that she doesn’t have any Twitter account and the photographs getting viral are older.

Earlier, it was claimed that she could contest from the Mathura parliamentary seat against BJP MP Hema Malini on behalf of the Congress but these speculations soon got dismissed as Congress declared Mahesh Pathak for the Mathura parliamentary seat.

Sapna Choudhary is now seen very close to the BJP. After refusing to join Congress on March 24, within a few hours she came to the residence of Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari and discussed her political future. She also posted a photo of having dinner with Manoj Tiwari on Instagram which accelerated her decision of joining BJP.

UP Congress President Raj Babbar welcomed Sapna Choudhary to Congress on March 24 and also tweeted her photograph with Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi. After which, the Haryanvi artist rejected the talks of joining the Congress by press briefing and she said that she never met Raj Babbar and her photo with Priyanka Gandhi is an old picture.

Now, Sapna is expected to join BJP where she will support the BJP candidate by campaigning for them. On this matter, Manoj Tiwari said that being an artist, he has an older relation with Sapna Choudhary. She was hurt by the lies of Congress, Tiwari added.

Tiwari also said that the whole nation is aware of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s lie, but now the falsehood of Priyanka Gandhi has also become public. If these people can lie so much to get someone involved in their party, then they will do anything to get votes of the public.

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