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Madhya Pradesh: Have Brahmins become secondary associates in BJP?

As per the current scenario in Madhya Pradesh, it is evident that BJP will not put any Brahmin leader on the forefront.

By Ashish Mani Tiwari
Published on :
Madhya Pradesh: Have Brahmins become secondary associates in BJP?

Brahmins (5 %), Thakurs (2.5 %), Banias (3 %) and Kayasthas (2.5 %) comprise total upper caste voters in Madhya Pradesh.

During the 90s and before 2010, Brahmins were the frontline soldiers of Bhartiya Janta Party in Madhya Pradesh, however, during the transformation of BJP around 2010, BJP changed his face of leaders and a new group of leaders comprised of several castes started controlling state BJP in Madhya Pradesh.

There was a time in Madhya Pradesh BJP, when Prabhat Jha, Anup Mishra, and many other Brahmin leaders used to control the workings of party, however due to extending the shades of BJP, party started to exploring several other leaders, which include Nandkumar Singh Chauhan (former BJP State President) and Rakesh Singh (Current BJP State President).

As we all know during Prabhat Jha tenure as BJP state President, Shivraj Singh Chauhan had many issues with the party working style, which led to the conclusion of Prabhat Jha from Madhya Pradesh politics. Insiders also stated that Prabhat Jha was trying to surpass Shivraj Singh Chauhan. During that time, Anup Mishra, senior BJP leader and relative of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also put apart from party lines, due to involvement in a firing case. Further, Shivraj Singh Chauhan took full control of state BJP and formed a team without any Brahmin leader.

However, currently, there are few BJP leaders who are vocal on the position of Brahmins in the party and creating a dicey situation for BJP, as state assembly polls are near in the state.

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As per the reports, there have been many allegations on state BJP unit for adopting a callous attitude towards Brahmin workers. Recently, Padma Shukla former BJP leader from Vijayraghavgarh said that:

“I tried to work with Madhya Pradesh Minister Sanjay Pathak for two years but that seemed impossible. He used to humiliate BJP workers. It was hurting and damaging the self-respect of my workers”.

Hitesh Vajpayee, chairman, Civil Supplies Corporation and also holds the status of a cabinet minister in Madhya Pradesh, has recently remarked on social media that:

“It is Brahmin versus all in the present times”. Vajpayee also commented that “It is not that ‘Swarnas’ are not facing social, economic and professional disputes and the state (Madhya Pradesh) promotes the concept of ‘Antyodaya’ but it is developing a feeling of insecurity in the minds of the Brahmins.

Earlier, Social Justice Minister, Gopal Bhargava has also expressed his anger toward the Brahmins concern in Madhya Pradesh. Congress has also scored his points on the Brahmins issue, KK Mishra, Congress leader stated that “Brahmin leaders are neither given importance in Delhi or the state”.

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Ahead of the state assembly elections, it is going to be a massive responsibility of Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Rakesh Singh to incline all the sidelined Brahmin leaders of BJP towards the main platform. Also, as the SC/ST atrocity act has become a burning issue in the state, there is a big resentment towards BJP


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