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Horoscope 2022: Astrological predictions (Rashifal) for all zodiac signs

We might have made our New Year resolutions by now, but we hardly know what the year is going to have in store for us. However, one thing we know for sure is that our zodiac signs would play a decisive role in all aspects of our life. 

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Horoscope 2022, Astrological predictions, Rashifal: Wondering how the New Year will fare for you? With just a few days left for 2022 to start, it is natural for everyone to wonder how the coming year will play out for them. Will it be good? Will it take them a step closer to fulfilling all their dreams? Or with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 rearing its ugly head, will it be another year filled with drudgery isolation and hopelessness?

We might have made our New Year resolutions by now, but we hardly know what the year is going to have in store for us. However, one thing we know for sure is that our zodiac signs would play a decisive role in all aspects of our life.

Changing times brings with it their own challenges, despite whatever preparedness we might have. From love to luck, career, marriage, finance, property and health, among others, the new year will bring with it new promises and challenges. With 2022 knocking on the doors, here’s looking at how the coming year may fare for each zodiac sign.

Astrological prediction for Aries 2022: The first half of 2022 would be full of challenges on many fronts for Aries. Especially between the period of January and June-July, they might come across a lot of roadblocks pertaining to their relationship as well as career. The second half of the year though would be very fruitful and positive for them, as they would be able to resolve most of their issues.

Astrological prediction for Taurus 2022: The Taurus natives would continue to have a successful year as they enter 2022. They would continue to work hard and ensure that their career keeps growing. They will shine when it comes to their professional life and after the first quarter of the year, they would get to spend some fabulous time.

Astrological prediction for Gemini 2022: Though the Gemini natives would continue to lead a normal life, they might not be able to have all fun doses in the year ahead. There might be multiple challenges on the financial and mental front.

Astrological prediction for Cancer 2022: The Cancer natives might have to struggle a bit in battling negative energy and some lack of confidence. They need to understand that nothing in life is permanent and they must not let their energy die down.

Astrological prediction for Leo 2022: The year 2022 will be full of changes for the natives hailing from this zodiac sign. There might be a lot of special moments filled with sudden happiness for the Leos. Some of these people might get married in the year ahead.

Astrological prediction for Virgo 2022: The year ahead is expected to be excellent for Virgos in terms of relationship, health, career and business etc. However, the natives might at times need to struggle a little when it comes to their personal life or relationship.

Astrological prediction for Libra 2022: Some of the natives hailing from this zodiac sign would have to battle a lot of stress and depression. The Librans need to get their act together at the beginning itself so that the whole of the year passes pleasantly.

Astrological prediction for Scorpio 2022: The Scorpios would have to keep their emotions completely in control if they want to lead a stress-free life. They should be careful while helping others so that they do not get into any kind of trouble.

Astrological prediction for Sagittarius: The Sagittarians should not worry about any kind of finance or health-related issues. The natives who choose to follow their passion in life would achieve great heights and get unexpected success.

Astrological prediction for Capricorn: The Capricorn natives would continue to be highly ambitious as they set foot into the New Year. They would sport a very positive attitude and they would succeed in terms of education, business job etc.

Astrological prediction for Aquarius 2022: The Aquarius natives would like to remain in oblivion and avoid being in the spotlight for the most part of the year. They however need to take utmost care when it comes to taking care of their health.

Astrological prediction for Pisces 2022: Even if they are sentimental and in need of emotional support, they should not compromise when it comes to their awareness level. Some of the people hailing from this zodiac can expect a promotion at work or better career opportunities.