How leading dailies read on the post Assembly Elections Results day?
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How leading dailies read on the post Assembly Elections Results day?

A resounding victory in Chhattisgarh, closing the majority mark in Rajasthan and 2 short of the magic figure in Madhya Pradesh; This is how the mandate turned out in the Heartland for India.

Various newspapers covered the election results day extensively on their issue of the 12th December.

The Indian Express had three-fourths of the front page solely devoted to the Election coverage with the top headline running, “Cong brings BJP 3 notches down.” The daily had four pages covering the “Decision 2018”. “Cong focus shits to CM race”, “Gehlot or Sachin”, “Photo Finish”, talked the paper about Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh elections respectively.

“IT’s ADVANTAGE CONGRESS” reads the front headline of THE HINDU, below it was another title “Setback to BJP in Hindi heartland”. THE HINDU came with a page-13 infographic where it implies a direct contest between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. The page in detail shows various aspects of elections. Region-wise vote pattern and rural vs urban distribution for all the five states were put under analysis.

The Times of India ran the title, “For Rahul, A Happy 1st Anniversary” on its front. On its Dance of Democracy pages the heading said, “RaGa On Song, Leads Oppn Chorus”. The most-read English newspaper had five pages devoted to the elections. “KCR Tsunami Drowns Cong Prajakutami” tops the page 15 after TRS sealed 3/4th majority in the new state.

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