How to look after skin in pollution

How to look after skin in pollution

Skin is the most visible and sensitive part of our body. Being sensitive it gets effected very easily. High levels form pollution and consumption of extra sweets can have their after effects on both Hair and Skin. That is one reason why you need extra pampering post Diwali.

Dr. Sruthi Gondi, MBBS MD Dermatologist, MD and Founder – Science of Skin Hyderabad, gives us tips on looking after skin in pollution.

Water is your best friend although, Drink and keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. The pollution from crackers can make your skin dry, to avoid dryness and breakouts, you should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Drinking water will not only keep your scalp cool, hydrated and breathing always.

Consume more of fruits especially citrus food, salad, and sprouts every day. You can replace unhealthy food by consuming nuts. Protect your skin by applying moisturiser or sunscreen. If you have applied makeup, make sure you remove the make up before you sleep. Exfoliate your skin with Scrub and apply mosituriser.

The best suggestion would be try to take a Medi Facial in a cosmetic Dermatology lead clinic by experts. This will help you Skin relax away all the festival stress.

Avoid hair mousses, as they tend to attract more pollution, and when Mousses come in contact with chemicals they can effect the hair and lead to several other problems. Avoid or use very limited styling like heatIrons As they would also weaken your hair, and in combination with pollution they may effect hair fall.

If you notice hair fall or irritation you must cotact Dermatologist.

Any products:To protect your skin from sun damage, you can use a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 40 or higher.

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