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Impact of Government Shutdown on Social Security March Checks

Congress passed a short-term financing deal to prevent a government shutdown and extend the long-term funding deadline, requiring budget bills by March 8 for 20% and March 22 for 80%.

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Impact of Government Shutdown on Social Security March Checks

Social Security March Checks: On Thursday, Congress passed another short-term financing deal to avoid a partial government shutdown and extend the long-term funding deadline until later this month. Congress must adopt budget bills by March 8 for 20% of the government and March 22 for 80%.

You may be wondering if you’ll get your March payment if the Social Security Administration and IRS shut down.

We’ll discuss Social Security payments during a partial government shutdown below. Learn if you’ll pay Social Security taxes this year. The fate of tax refunds if the government shuts down.

Beneficiaries set to receive Social Security payments on February 28th

Will I receive Social Security during a government shutdown?

The administration’s deputy commissioner of budget, finance, and management, Chad M. Poist, released the agency’s contingency plan (PDF) in 2023, before a shutdown. He expected the administration to furlough 53,000 of its 60,000 employees and stop non-benefit-related activities, but the agency would “continue activities critical to our direct-service operations and those needed to ensure accurate and timely payment of benefits.”

Meaning to you?

Social Security benefits are paid from Social Security trust funds, not the annual budget. The almost 72 million Americans who receive Social Security benefits or are enrolled in other programs (see below) will still get monthly checks.

This comprises Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, and other benefits. Be advised that the Social Security Administration may take time to respond to payment concerns.

See here for shutdown-related government benefits.

A government shutdown won’t affect which other government programs?

Medicaid and Medicare benefits are also timely. In a shutdown, you may have to wait for a response to difficulties.

You risk losing WIC and SNAP.

WIC recipients could lose aid immediately if the government goes down.

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who receive SNAP, your benefits will be available for 30 days following a shutdown because the USDA can only send them out.

Here’s the Social Security payment schedule, including SSDI check and SSI payment dates, to ensure your payments arrive on time.

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