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The importance of humour in the workplace

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The importance of humour in the workplace

Who doesn’t like a good laugh every now and again? – The saying that ‘’laughter is the best medicine’’ is absolutely true.

The reason for this is that when we laugh, were able to decrease the stress hormones that give us sleepless nights and also complicate our life, our body also releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals which we all crave.

Laughter is no doubt important in our life but it can also be vital in our professional life as well, humour in the workplace is something that all companies and employees should help promote. It’s similar to taking part in team building exercises which are usually done to help each staff member to connect and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses whilst also motivating its employees.

Regardless of what job occupation you have whether it is being an accountant, engineer, doctor or even a lawyer and so forth, the benefits of humour are almost endless and help prevent job burnout which is something many people, unfortunately, go through.

You do not need to perform a stand-up or constantly feel pressured to get a laugh but simply promoting it in various ways example; dressing differently but still appropriate, thinking outside the box instead of going the similar route each time in terms of ideas, networking through humorous emails and presentations etc.

The main benefits of humour in the workplace include many such as the following:

  1. Fellow employees listen to you: I would rather listen to someone make talking about spreadsheets or legal terms somewhat fun and engaging than someone who reads out everything verbatim and cannot include fun examples or have a good sense of humour when taking part in a meeting or presentation.
  2. Teamwork is strengthened: There are those who prefer working alone whilst others enjoy participating in group projects but sometimes the job requires everyone to work together and that can present challenges – by adding humor, employees become encouraged to work as a team and pick up on a person’s energy, no one is really sad and depressed whilst laughing.
  3. Improvement in decision making: Whilst work can sometimes run smoothly, problems can always occur and swift thinking is required, flexible decision making is promoted when a person is able to be creative thanks to humour being present.
  4. Increased Motivation: Work is exactly that, its work and is the reason why Monday gets so much hate, not everyone enjoys their job which is true and unfortunate at the same time but when there is humour in the workplace, it’s said to help increase the motivation and morale of its workers.

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