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Indian girl drinks tequila shots in front of shocked parents, video goes viral!

Check out the video and hilarious reactions by Twitteratis

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It is always a task to take permissions from your parents especially if you’ve grown up in an Indian household. Among many,  one such vice for the parents is Drinking & smoking.

But a girl has shown courage and did something that even the Twitteratis can relate to it. An Indian girl who drank tequila shots in front of her parents in Ohio, US was immediately sent back to her home country. The girl named Misha Malik shared the video on Twitter. In the video, the parents of the girl were shocked to see their daughter drinking tequila shots like a pro.

The video went viral on the social media and people can totally related to the girl.

The mother of the girl told the waiter that it was Misha’s 21st birthday and the waiter got tequila shot for the girl instead of a dessert. Misha took the opportunity and gulped down the shot. Also, the video showed that after gulping the shot Misha also squeezed the lemon into her mouth.

The parents were shocked seeing their daughter drinking shots and the video also showed her mother saying “Misha Nahi” in order to stop her but she gulps it down anyway and the mother stares her with shock.

Misha mentioned in her tweet that her parents decided to book her tickets to India right after the incident.

The video has been watched 575K times and the comments show how people are relating to it.

The video also got some hilarious comments especially when her mother stops her daughter to not to do it. One comment said about expecting a flying chappal to which Misha replied that she did receive it but off camera.

Well no matter what the outcome, but we can relate to the situation in every aspect.

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