Delhi: Man rapes 1-year-old after he lures her with sweets; gets hospitalised as locals thrash him black-blue
Madhya Pradesh

Indore: Five-year-old girl brutally raped, murdered

In a barbaric incident, a five-year-old girl child was raped, killed and thrown in a drain. The child’s body was recovered from near a drain in a disturbing state. According to reports, she was raped and then brutally killed.

As per police report, the child’s body was kept under a stone near a bridge. There are marks of injury on her whole body. The lower part of her body is badly injured. Police sources believe that a person named Honey Atwal is the prime suspect in the incident.

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A neighbour says that the accused had abducted the girl child and later killed her after raping. However, police are conducting an investigation into the matter.

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