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Intergenerational Day (Canada): Date, History, Significance, Facts

The purpose of the day is to unite various generations by highlighting their commonalities.

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Intergenerational DayIntergenerational Day
Intergenerational Day

Intergenerational Day: Intergenerational Day was created on June 1 in an effort to reduce and eliminate the growing divide between the elderly and the young. The purpose of the day is to unite various generations by highlighting their commonalities. It is also a means for people of all ages to combat isolation, depression, anxiety, and tension. Obviously, medical care and treatment will likely remedy such conditions.

However, studies have shown that having someone to speak to is also beneficial. Typically, elderly individuals are no longer occupied with activities (such as family and employment) that previously occupied a significant portion of their time. Young individuals, on the other hand, would have so much going on in their lives that they would require assistance. Intergenerational Day comes into action at this point.

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Intergenerational Day: History

2009 saw the conception of Intergenerational Day by a teacher from British Columbia, Canada. The instructor collaborated with students on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day-related endeavours. Students were taught about the respect, care, and affection that society’s elders deserve, and within a year, the initiatives gained such momentum that the first Intergenerational Day was observed in 2010.

The i2i Intergenerational Society and five other school organisations from Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, and British Columbia adopted the day’s theme. The i2i is a non-profit organisation that assists individuals and organisations in promoting initiatives that connect the seniors and youth. Since its inception in 2010, the holiday has been observed in 12 territories and over 100 localities. In fact, the Toronto District School Board has enacted legislation mandating the observance of this day.

Decades of research indicate that a dearth of care and attention for our ageing population will result in depression and the development of physical and mental illnesses. The younger generation will lose a great deal of culture, history, life experiences, and empathetic skills if society’s elders are neglected. Therefore, we must provide for the generations with the greatest need. By facilitating the connection between the ancient and the new, we secure our past, present, and future. You can contribute on this day by visiting retirement communities and spending time with their residents. Fundamentally, humans do not need ostentatious displays of devotion. Intergenerational Day drives home the message that all they require is a social connection with someone who is willing to listen and be with them.

Intergenerational Day: Facts

United Nations for intergenerational harmony

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the World Programme of Action for Youth, which promoted intergenerational solidarity.

Older age categories are increasing.

By 2030 to 2050, older age groups (50 to 70 years) will outnumber younger age groups (10 to 30 years) in many regions of the world.

The Importance of intergenerational solidarity for societal development

Intergenerational solidarity enables the exchange of ideas based on experiences and knowledge, both of which are essential to the development of a society.

The preponderance of seniors report improvement

Positive intergenerational communication can improve the mental and physical health of approximately 90% of seniors.

Better living standards

Through interaction between generations, a society can guarantee a healthier and more prosperous future for future generations.

Intergenerational Day: Significance

Intergenerational engagement has always been crucial. Having mentors and students in one’s life will facilitate exposure to a variety of perspectives and experiences. One is not restricted to a particular worldview. Instead, you will be able to consider things from a perspective you may have never considered before, which will assist you in solving a problem.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that human beings are social creatures. We require connections with other humans, whether to feel accepted or merely to be heard. Being there for one another aids us in overcoming the problems that plague our lives.

Empathy can become the greatest weapon humanity has against all problems. If we learn to have empathy for others, not only will we become better people, but we will also be able to build a stronger society for today and tomorrow.


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2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday
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