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International Coffee Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs and Dates

Since more than 600 years ago, coffee beans have traveled daily from tropical Africa to the breakfast mugs of households.

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International Coffee Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs and Dates

International Coffee Day 2023: International Coffee Day occurs annually on October 1. Since more than 600 years ago, coffee beans have traveled daily from tropical Africa to the breakfast mugs of households all over the world, and their consumption preparation is an excellent example of metamorphosis. Humanity has been preparing coffee for many presentations: drinks, candies, medicine, and some ancient civilizations even used it as currency! No matter how it is consumed, coffee can energize, warm, refresh, keep you awake, and even help you catch up with loved ones.

International Coffee Day History

According to historical records, coffee originated in Ethiopia, and its introduction to Africa is accompanied by an intriguing tale. In the seventh century A.D., a herd of goats began acting peculiarly, almost as if they were dancing. Their owner, Kaldi, discovered that they were consuming a type of red bean and determined that this was the cause of their behavior. Kaldi decided to share his findings with a monk who needed something to help him stay awake throughout the night while he prayed; however, another story claims that the monk refused and threw the beans into the fire, producing a wonderful aroma.

Suddenly, in the 15th century, coffee traveled from the north to Yemen, where the beans arrived under the name “Mocha.” Shortly thereafter, they became well-known in Egypt, Persia, and Turkey as the “wine of Araby,” and “Schools of the Wise” coffee houses began to open.

Next, Arabia became the gatekeeper for coffee, and with these beans, Southern India began large-scale coffee farming. In 1560, coffee was introduced to Europe, where it quickly gained popularity, until Pope Clement VIII declared it to be demonic. Upon inspection, he acknowledged the beverage’s glory through baptism and declared it a Christian beverage. As the 1600s progressed and coffeehouses sprouted throughout Europe, the beans followed the wave of colonization to America.

The “International Coffee Organization” declared October 1 as International Coffee Day in 2014, commemorating coffee as a beverage and bringing attention to the plight of coffee growers.

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However, does coffee not have side effects?

Like everything in life, caffeine has side effects that mostly appear if you have way too much. Caffeine, as a stimulant for the central nervous system, may cause anxiety, rapid heart rate, and insomnia, for instance.

How do I participate?

Well, if you are a coffee aficionado, like nearly everyone else, you should seek out the local activities! However, you should also learn more about coffee awareness and share information about the best practices on social media.

Can I get addicted to caffeine?

Well, repeated caffeine consumption can result in tolerance, which necessitates higher doses to achieve the desired effect, and then dependence, which necessitates caffeine to prevent withdrawal symptoms.


Let’s culture ourselves

Since coffee has been a part of Human civilization since antiquity, today is the ideal time to learn more about coffee culture! You might be surprised to learn how important coffee has become to humanity after reading some facts and watching some documentaries.

Restore customs

Did you know that ancient civilizations practiced numerous rituals and customs involving coffee? You can use it as a beauty treatment, an insect repellent, compost, or fertilizer, to season steaks and flavor food, among other things.

Make Your Own Espresso

The coffee industry is huge and thanks to our love for coffee, there are many different ways to prepare the drink. Become a barista and learn how to make the complicated drink you usually order in a restaurant.


Year Date Day
2023 October 1 Sunday
2024 October 1 Tuesday
2025 October 1 Wednesday
2026 October 1 Thursday
2027 October 1 Friday