International Picnic Day 2019: Date, significance and how to celebrate the day

International Picnic Day 2019: Date, significance and how to celebrate the day

International Picnic Day is observed today on June 18, it is a day to encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. Earlier people used to go on a picnic as an escape from their daily monotonous lives.

The true origin of the Picnic Day is unknown but it can be traced back to the end of the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. The day is also marked by various charity events and school picnics. People meet their friends and families and go on picnics. They generally carry food and share it with their travel partners

The word ‘picnic’ is derived from the French language and after the revolution, it became a type of informal outdoor meal in France. Today, International Picnic Day is observed in many countries with the people going on one-day trips with their family members to different places. According to Guinness World Records, the largest picnic took place in Portugal in 20119.

Here’s how you can celebrate International Picnic Day 2019

  • Plan a picnic with friends to a nearby park or garden. Carry food with you so that you can have a good time eating your favorite dishes.
  • Take outdoor games like ball or Frisbee to play games with your friends
  • Get along Bluetooth speakers and play your favorite songs.

In Australia’s Northern Territory, the picnic day is celebrated in August on the first Monday each year. Northern Territory picnic day is a popular concept where the general public gets a day off with schools and businesses being closed.


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