International Workers' Day 2019: Date & significance of the day dedicated to working class

International Workers’ Day 2019: Date & significance of the day dedicated to working class

The International Worker’s Day is dedicated to the struggles of the actual producers of the working class people. It is celebrated on May 1 every year. In the US and a different part of the world, the day is celebrated as Labour Day. The importance of the day belongs to the 19th century.

This day commemorates the late 19th-century movement that has dented the biggest blow to the cycle of exploitation and made 8 hour working day a reality.

International Worker’s Day Date & significance

There are instances in the history that indicates that Labour Day was first proposed in the 1880s but some say 1882 while some of them say that it was in 1887, 1889 and 1894. The central theme to celebrate the Labour day was to celebrate the working class or the laborers.

Another incident from the history indicates that May 1 was chosen as International Workers’ Day to celebrate the 1886 Haymarket Affair in Chicago, in the United States. The event was about 400,000 workers protesting peacefully for an eight-hour day, after which it took an ugly turn. Several workers died, and scores were injured in the violence that took place during and after the demonstration.

This day is celebrated in many forms in different parts of the world. While in some parts it is celebrated as Labour Day, in others it is celebrated as International Workers day and even May Day in many European countries.

No matter what name they call them, the idea behind this day is to celebrate the hard work of the working class and labor.

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