Is rainwater good for your skin? Here’s the truth

Is rainwater good for your skin? Here’s the truth

One of the most loved seasons, monsoon or rainy season is here to make you happy and stay. The monsoon is the season for long drives and for getting wet in the drizzle. But with all the fun, the bitter reality of the season can’t be ignored.

With the cherish rains come to the problems like frizzy hair, germs, infections, cold, flu, and bad throat.  Rain does mess with the skin and hair so much that even expensive beauty products fail to set them right.

You must have heard from people saying that rainwater especially from the first drizzle of the monsoon is extremely good for the skin and on the other hand, do you see your skin suffering from breakouts and itchiness during the rains? The reason is that the rainwater may not be all that good for the skin

Is Rainwater healthy for the skin?

Rainwater is considered to be non-alkaline which means it is a pure form of soft water. Going by that rule, using boiled rainwater may be considered good for the skin and hair. Soft water is not easily available but is considered to be good for the skin.

However, you must understand that the rainwater is the water from earth going through the process of evaporation and condensation. Therefore it depends on what kind of area you live in. if you live in an area with a lot of pollution there are chances that rainwater droplets mix with the toxic elements and harm the skin and hair. On the other hand, if you live in the greenery area then their chances that you will able to enjoy the beauty benefits of rainwater.

Does rainwater make your skin clearer and glowing?

If you think your skin is looking more beautiful during the rainy season, then no it is not because of rainwater. Your skin looking glowing is more to do with the whole gloomy weather than the rains.

During monsoon, the light may give the illusion of clearer or glowing skin but there are no proven benefits of rainwater. Also if the area you live in is industrial and full of toxic chemicals, you might want to not use rainwater into your skin routine.

Acid rain can harm the skin and if you have sensitive skin then you must be extra careful during the monsoon. If you have to use the rainwater in your beauty regimen, make sure you boil the rainwater.

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