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Jenkins Ear Day 2024 (Spain): Activities, FAQs, History, Dates, and Facts About The War of Jenkins’ Ear

Jenkins' Ear Day 2024 in Spain honors Captain Robert Jenkins' ear amputation in 1731 during Spanish coast guards' attack on his vessel Rebecca, with unclear motives.

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Jenkins Ear Day 2024 (Spain) Activities, FAQs, History, Dates, and Facts About The War of Jenkins' Ear
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Jenkins Ear Day 2024 (Spain): Jenkins’ Ear Day commemorates the loss of Captain Robert Jenkins’ ear in combat on April 9. Spanish coast guards, under the command of privateer Juan de León Fandiño, attacked, inspected, and pillaged Jenkins’ vessel Rebecca in April 1731. The precise motive behind the amputation of his ear remains unknown. Some accounts assert that Rebecca was punished for pillaging Spanish ships, whereas others assert that she was in possession of contraband. Jenkins was addressed with the condescending words, “Go, and inform your King that should he dare to do the same, I shall reciprocate.”

The manner in which Jenkins returned to England encased in a container of pickled ear had an enormous impact on the nation. To the extent that in March 1738, he was summoned by the House of Commons to appear before them and present the severed ear. Jenkins diligently performed this action, much to the House’s surprise. The individuals in attendance inquired as to what he had done to merit such treatment. Jenkins responded, “I commended my cause to my country and my soul to God.”

The Origins of Jenkins Ear Day

The commander of the Royal Naval in Port Royal asserted that those engaged in “clandestine trade” were not entitled to lodge complaints when their cargoes were seized, and frequently resorted to acts of violence. Indeed, during that era, such occurrences were considered ordinary; they represented the inherent risks associated with conducting business. The incident infuriated the English, who immediately demanded a lesson from the Spanish. The practice of severing the ears of Englishmen was deemed unacceptable.

Jenkins’ ear captured the attention of the entire nation. This diminutive object wielded immense power; consequently, the ear came to represent English pride. In this way, the ear contributed to the outbreak of war in 1739 between England and Spain. Consequently, the conflict that transpired in multiple phases is referred to as the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Several diplomatic negotiations between England and Spain were attempted in Europe and America during the 1730s. Nevertheless, these developments served to intensify the hostility between the two countries, culminating in the War of Jenkins’ Ear in the latter part of 1739.

On Spanish possessions in Central America, the British mounted assaults that resulted in heavy casualties, primarily due to disease. The more extensive War of the Austrian Succession, in which the majority of European powers participated, succeeded this conflict after 1742. 1748 saw the restoration of peace through the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.

The primary catalyst of the War of Jenkins’ Ear has conventionally been attributed to a disagreement between Britain and Spain concerning the acquisition of market share in Spanish America. Recent historians, including Woodfine and Anderson, contend that this was merely one of numerous concerns. Anxieties with Spain regarding colonial expansion in North America and French apprehension regarding the rise of British commercial power since 1714 are additional factors.

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FAQs for Jenkins Ear Day 2024 (Spain)

When did the Jenkins’ Ear War commence?

The conflict commenced in October 1739.

Which ear of Jenkins was amputated?

Laid-off by the Spaniards was his left ear.

From where did Jenkins’ ear fall out?

Jenkins was ambushed by the Spanish off the coast of Cuba.

Jenkins Ear Day 2024 (Spain) Activities

Set sail.

While not granted access to the warships of Jenkins’ era, any vessel capable of transporting you safely across the water will suffice. Experience what it would have been like to be the target of an attack while at sea.

Perform dress-up

Collect a group of companions and assemble in period mariner garb. Capture images and recordings to ensure that the memories endure for the ages.

Protect your senses

Despite the minimal probability of having your ears amputated, they remain in jeopardy. Loud noise is the primary cause of damage to these organs. Maintain their safety by limiting the volume of your entertainment and avoiding extremely raucous areas.

Five facts concerning the War of Jenkins’ Ear

Treatment unique to the Spanish

The Spanish were granted permission to board British vessels engaged in trade with the Americas in order to investigate them for contraband under the terms of the Treaty of Seville of 1729.

Fiction or fact?

Due to the antagonistic climate of British politics in 1738, numerous individuals who opposed initiating a naval war against Spain began to question the veracity of Jenkins’ account.

The media becomes aware of the incident.

In June 1731, an article from “The Gentleman’s Magazine” documented the assault on Jenkins.

A perpetrator was incarcerated.

The British maintained Juan de León Fandiño in captivity for a period of nineteen months.

Jenkins as a politician

In the early 1740s, he was engaged in an interim capacity as governor of Saint Helena.


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2024 April 9 Tuesday
2025 April 9 Wednesday
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2028 April 9 Sunday