Jharkhand: BJP MLA Dhullu Mahto threatens coal mining company, demands Rs 10 crore
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Jharkhand: BJP MLA Dhullu Mahto threatens coal mining company, demands Rs 10 crore

While BJP led Jharkhand government claims to be among the top states on ‘Ease of Doing Business”, securing fourth position, an audio clip of BJP MLA Dhullu Mahto demanding Rs 10 crore has been leaked by BCCL’s local coal mining company Oriental Management. Mahto allegedly blackmailed the company and demanded money in exchange for the closure of the company.

However, accused BJP MLA Mahto has defended saying that he is dedicated towards the development and prosperity of farmers. “Just so that the employment of the poor does not come to a halt, I told the company will be charged with a heavy penalty.”

In response to the accusations made by the Oriental company, Dhullu has denied the rumours of him blackmailing the company.

“The company’s work has not been in function in the block-four of Govindpur area. Land resource is a big problem here. Due to this, the production has been stalled and the company has been facing significant losses. That is why, the company itself has been planning to stop the work and shutdown the plant from this area.”

However, in a press conference held on Monday, SS Sethi, Assistant Vice President of Oriental Engineering Structure Pvt Ltd, claimed that MLA Dhullu was denied of his demands following which, in self-defence, he claimed to be the ‘Masiha’ of farmers.

Countering MLA’s statement, SS Sethi said that the company is fed up with the constant money demands and blackmails from officials. The company has threatened to pack-up soon, without spending a penny over the demands made in the name of penalties.

Sethi added,

“I want to ask the MLA Mr. Mahto that is he doing well to the labours by shutting down the company or rather planning to fill his own pockets in the name of the labourer? Kindly explain the penalties over the company if it shuts down the work.”

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