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Jharkhand politician Nishikant Dubey lets his achievements do the talking

One AIIMS in Jharkhand, 18 ITI colleges, four hospitals, three agricultural colleges, three engineering colleges, four model colleges, three national highways, four water projects, houses with portable drinking water and a lot more – this isn’t a political manifesto of a party but the ground work done by one Member of Parliament. In just 8 years of his tenure, Nishikant Dubey, BJP MP from Godda, has achieved all this and he isn’t done yet.

This is Dubey’s second stint as a Member of Parliament.  An MBA, from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, he has previously worked as a director of Essar.  While Dubey had completed his schooling from Bhagalpur, he went on for his further education to Deoghar. The 48-year-old leader was born to Shri Radheshyam Dubey and Veena Dubey.EO

Nishikant joined politics through the route of the ABVP, and subsequently progressed to the BJYM and joined the BJP.  In an exclusive interview for Newsd’s IndiaPositive, the leader talked about many things including his journey, accomplishments, and a bit about his personal life.

When he was asked whether he has any political background, he revealed “my maternal uncle was in politics as the Party President of Jana Sangh, Deoghar unit. In 1975, he was jailed for 19 months. Also, my father was a communist”.

Being a part of the corporate world, it isn’t easy for anyone to maintain a political profile with ease. When Dubey was asked how he had managed his political and corporate lifestyle, he said, “Essar was always supportive and there was never a conflict of interest”.

Godda is one of the most backward districts in the country. As an MP, Dubey has brought in a range of infrastructural changes in the constituency. When asked about his accomplishments, the leader did not shy away from making us count his work.

“The only AIIMS in Jharkhand, airport, railway lines, Sainik schools, 18 ITI colleges, four hospitals, three agricultural colleges, three engineering colleges, four model colleges, three national highways, four water projects, two power plants, 14 solar plants, 52km stretch LED street lights, solar lights in 800 villages. Besides, all houses were provided with portable drinking water. We have also put up a passport seva Kendra, food craft institution, 1 fragrance institute, etc. But there is more to be done,” stated the MP.

Dubey is also very vocal about things he feels strongly about. In the Parliament, he had asked for reservation of 5 Lok Sabha and 1 Rajya Sabha seats for Gilgit and PoK region last year (Exclusive here). According to him, the issue should be raised because, “since the 1950s, in the Jammu Kashmir assemnbly, 25 seats are reserved for the areas falling in the interior part of India.

But from 1974, 24 seats are vacant. Therefore, in the provision, converting those vacant seats into Lok Sabha seats, it is approximately around 5 seats in the Lok Sabha and one in Rajya Sabha”.

Hitched for 17 years now to Anamika Gautam, Dubey had a love marriage. The duo had known each other since childhood. It was when Anamika was studying at NIFT and he was working at Essar that they decided to take their relationship to the next level. At present, they have two sons – both school students in Singapore.

So will his children join politics? “It is up to them to decide what they want to do,” he said.


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