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June Bank Holiday 2023 (Ireland): Date, History, Significance, Activities, Facts

Whit Monday is celebrated on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday, also known as Whitsunday.

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June Bank Holiday 2023
June Bank Holiday 2023

June Bank Holiday 2023: The June Bank Holiday, observed on the first Monday of June, was formerly a separate holiday known as Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday. This year’s date is June 5. Whit Monday is celebrated on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday, also known as Whitsunday. Pentecost commemorates the time when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Christ, signalling the conclusion of the Easter season. While Ireland was still a part of the United Kingdom, Whit Monday was declared a public holiday. Northern Ireland is the only portion of the United Kingdom still in existence. Because Easter is a religious festival, the Irish have traditionally observed it by engaging in religious activities.

June Bank Holiday 2023: History

In 1974, June Bank Holiday became an official national holiday. Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday, is the origin of this holiday, which was initially designated a public holiday in Ireland by the “Bank Holidays Act 1871,” when Ireland was still a part of the United Kingdom.

This year, Whit Sunday occurs on the sixth Sunday after Easter, indicating that while Easter’s date shifts throughout the year, Whit Monday’s date does not. It was determined that this holiday should be observed more often in the future. In 1974, the “Holidays (Employees) Act of 1973” transferred the holiday to the first Monday in June, and the following year, the holiday was renamed the First Monday in June. In the United Kingdom, a similar modification was made, except the last Monday of May was selected.

Typically, the first Monday of June is a calm day in the public sphere. Many enterprises and organisations, including banks and post offices, close their doors. In contrast, stores and pubs are frequently open, although they may open or close later or earlier than usual due to the holiday. The schedules of public transport services differ based on one’s residence and intended travel destination. The Irish no longer celebrate religious festivities during the course of the day; instead, their celebrations are largely secular. Even though Ireland’s June Bank Holiday is an annual event, it is always observed on the first Monday of June.

June Bank Holiday 2023: Activities

Participate in the Cork Harbour Festival

Several festivities are typically organised in Ireland prior to the June Bank Holiday. The Cork Harbour Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in the nation; it spans multiple days and the June Bank Holiday.

Participate in the Carrick fair

In addition to the list of June Festivals in Ireland, “The Carrick Carnival” — a 10-day festival — is another holiday-season Irish festival that attracts a large number of visitors. Attend if possible!

Participate in the “V.H.I. Women’s Mini-Marathon”

During the June Bank Holiday in Ireland, sporting events are also common. One is the Dublin V.H.I. Women’s Mini Marathon.

Five fascinating facts about Ireland

The Shannon Waterway is the longest waterway in Ireland.

The magnificent 370-kilometre-long watercourse Shannon is Ireland’s longest watercourse.

Carrauntoohil is the highest point in Ireland.

Carrauntoohil, located in County Kerry, is the highest mountain in Ireland at 1,038,6 metres above sea level.

In 1588, the first potato was planted.

Sir Walter Raleigh, as a young man, planted the first potato in Ireland on a farm near his residence in Youghal, County Cork.

Halloween began in Ireland.

Samhain, a pagan festival, was the origin of Halloween in ancient Ireland, where the story begins.

Home to the oldest yacht club in the world

Royal Cork Yacht Club has the distinction of being the oldest yacht club in the globe.

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June Bank Holiday 2023: Significance

Within twenty minutes of leaving Dublin’s city centre, you will be immersed in what makes Ireland famous: fields of forty different shades of green. What a fantastic way to spend the day!

Every town and city in the nation has a mixture of traditional and modern taverns, as well as a nightclub. Go ahead and redecorate the city!

Ireland has an extensive past. They have close ties to descendants of the Iberian Peninsula, Vikings, and others. The earliest known settlement began 8,000 years ago.

June Bank Holiday 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2022 June 6 Monday
2023 June 5 Monday
2024 June 3 Monday
2025 June 2 Monday
2026 June 1 Monday


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