Kangana Ranaut tears apart Hrithik Roshan, says he keeps young girls as mistress
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Kangana Ranaut tears apart Hrithik Roshan, says he keeps young girls as mistress

The MeToo storm has hit Bollywood and skeletons have started tumbling out of the closets. Kangana Ranaut who previously spoke on harassment by Vikas Bahl, has once again decided to go all guns blazing against actor Hrithik Roshan. The actress has previously given statements to the media that she and Hrithik were in a relationship, during  the filming of  Krissh 3. However, Hrithik had categorically denied it and accused her of defaming her. Hrithik and Kangana have had a painful history, that involves much mudslinging and a slew of legal notices.

When asked about Bahl, Kangana said in an interview, “Whatever is happening with Vikas Bahl is absolutely correct. Our industry still has a lot of people who don’t behave well with women. They assault them, they harass them, they should also be punished.”

She then made this revealing statement, “People who keep their wives as trophies and keep young girls as their mistresses should also be punished.”

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Asked if she was talking about Hrithik Roshan, she said, “I am referring to Hrithik Roshan, people should not work with him as well.”

Meanwhile, Roshan Jr, who was working with Bahl for Super 30, had tweeted saying that it was impossible for him to work with someone who was guilty of sexual misconduct. “I have requested the producers of Super 30 to take stock of the apparent facts and take a harsh stand if need be. All proven offenders must be punished and all exploited people must be empowered and given strength to speak up,” he had written. The fate of Super 30 remains unknown as Bahl has been fired from a series which was greenlighted by Amazon.

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