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Karnataka: CID to probe mysterious death of Raichur engineering student

Karnataka police chief and the Director-General Inspector of police ordered the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to prove the death of a 23-year-old engineering student found dead under mysterious circumstances in Raichur.

Victim’s parents met former CM Siddaramaiah to seek justice for their daughter, the former chief, in turn, urged Home Minister MB Pail to look into the issue.

The 23-year-old was found hanging from a tree at a farm on April 15 after she went missing from April 13. The prime accused, Sudarshan Yadav was arrested in the matter and the farm where the body was found belongs to the father of the accused. Also, a death note was found near the body that according to the family and friends, she was forced to write it.

Allegedly, police didn’t take any action initially and that was the reason which led to massive protests in the district especially by the students demanded justice for the girl.

The woman’s mother on Saturday said, “My daughter became friends with Sudarshan when she was in PU (pre-university) college. Six months ago, they had a falling out and she stopped talking to him. Ever since Sudarshan began harassing my daughter. He would keep following her all the time. Her father had to always be with her and drop her to college on several occasions to make sure that Sudarshan does not trouble her. We know what our daughter went through and how miserable she had become because of him.”

The parents also claimed that the accused’s uncle Anjaneya who is a station writer at the Sadar Bazaar Police station influenced other police officers to not to act on the case.

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