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Kuwait Liberation Day 2024: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kuwait

Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 commemorates the 1991 liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation, marking the anniversary of the US's Operation Desert Storm.

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Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 (Kuwait) Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kuwait

Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 (Kuwait): The annual observance of Kuwait Liberation Day occurs on February 26. This day is observed as a commemoration of the 1991 liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Following the bombing of Iraq in 1991, the United States launched The Liberation, also known as Operation Desert Storm, to retake Kuwait from Iraq.

When U.S. troops arrived, the Iraqis had completely surrendered, although pockets of resistance persisted, most notably at Kuwait International Airport, where Iraqi troops continued to fight despite being ostensibly unaware that a withdrawal order had been issued; this only led to a fierce battle over the airport itself. The conflict primarily transpired in Iraq rather than Kuwait. The Gulf War is a common abbreviation for the military campaign.

Kuwait Liberation Day History

Kuwait initially established as a tiny fishing village in the sixteenth century. The British designated the current nation-state as a protectorate in 1899. Sheik Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah was sworn in as Emir following the cessation of British protectorate But before its independence, on August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait and began bombing Kuwait City in retaliation for a dispute over oil field revenue. The Iraqi governor succeeded the Kuwaiti government on August 8, six days later.

A worldwide outcry ensued due to the invasion’s extensive scope. In the absence of diplomatic advancements, the United Nations Security Council imposed a withdrawal deadline of January 15, 1991, on Iraq from Kuwait. They were, however, reportedly persistent enough to remain in place until the deadline passed. As a result, on January 17, 1991, the United States ordered coalition forces to initiate Operation Desert Storm, an assault on Iraqi forces. The Iraqi forces exhibited their lack of proficiency in opposing the coalition forces during the ground conflict, which endured for a mere four days before the Iraqi tanks withdrew from Kuwait on February 26, 1991.

Presently, Kuwait is prosperous, secure, and virtually devoid of criminal activity. The Institute for Economics & Peace Global Peace Index, 2021, ranks Kuwait 36th out of 163 countries globally, indicating a high degree of peace. It is a safe travel destination due to the low crime rate and minimal likelihood of foreigners being injured or assaulted. Although some continue to dispute Kuwait’s safety in light of past occurrences, the country continues to have a reputation for being hazardous. Kuwait’s convenient proximity to the Muslim world and the hospitable Arabian people have made it renowned.

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FAQs on Kuwait Liberation Day

Which tongue is spoken in Kuwait?

English is widely spoken in Kuwait, but Arabic is the official state language. Aside from its use in business, English is a required secondary language in educational institutions. You could use it for informal communication.

The Kuwait Liberation Medal: Is it authentic?

The Kuwait Liberation Medal features a medal plated in 24K gold with a cross-cut sword design encircling a palm tree inlaid in gold on its service ribbon. A swallow-tailed scroll positioned beneath the gold-plated medal mirrors the contours of the gilt medallion, with its apexes bent back and pointed upwards. The papyrus bears the inscription “LIBERATION OF KUWAIT,” with an Arabic translation of the same inscription above it.

Is Kuwait a welcoming nation?

Kuwait is a secure and hospitable nation. In Kuwait, the prospect of terrorism is nonexistent.

Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 (Kuwait) Activities

Gather with your cherished ones.

Gatherings of family and acquaintances are typical on this day. On Kuwait Liberation Day, people frequent public areas like Messilah Beach and Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park. Kuwaitis demonstrate national pride by donning their customary garments.

Explore Kuwait

Are you able to travel to Kuwait? If so, you may travel there to experience the local culture, visit museums, and observe historic sites for yourself. You could always participate in the festivities virtually, outdoors with a Kuwaiti community, or through an online live event in Kuwait, if you are unable to attend in person.

Proclaim the word

Please assist in spreading the word regarding this day. Inform individuals who may be unaware about the events and outcomes related to Kuwait. One could leverage social media as a medium to expand their reach and disseminate accurate information.

Five Remarkable Facts about Kuwait

Sixth in size is Kuwait’s hydrocarbon reserve.

Kuwait stores about 104 billion barrels of crude.

They possess the most valuable currency.

The Kuwaiti dinar is the most valuable currency on the globe.

Approximately 70% of Kuwait’s populace consists of expatriates.

Kuwaitis constitute a minority within their nation, whereas expatriates constitute the majority of the populace.

Contains some of the fattest individuals.

About 42.8% of the population of Kuwait is classified as obese.

Its appellation signifies a fort.

‘Kuwait’ is an Arabic term that translates to ‘fort.’


Year Date Day
2024 February 26 Monday
2025 February 26 Wednesday
2026 February 26 Thursday
2027 February 26 Friday
2028 February 26 Saturday


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