Latest ISIS propaganda video reveals horrific public execution

A new propaganda video released by ISIS online showed the visuals of horrific public execution across the middle east as Iraqi forces close in on Mosul.

The compilation of killings, filmed in the terror group’s caliphate across Syria and Iraq, shows men being blindfolded and strung up on crosses in town squares.

The video also includes footage of children and even pensioners shooting prisoners in the back of the head.

ISIS leaders are also shown crucifying alleged traitors in a bid to terrorise the remaining population in Mosul under their control.
Iraqi forces fought their way into Mosul yesterday as moves to reclaim the ISIS stronghold continued to gather pace.The forces claimed that they liberated al-Masayid, Ein-al-Jahsh al-Gharbi Tal Zilata and Tal Shehab from the barbaric Islamic State terrorists.

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