Didn't think about my music career before sharing #MeToo story: Sona Mohapatra
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#MeToo: Sona Mohapatra alleges Kailash Kher tried to make advances to her

#MeToo flames now sweeping across social media have turned into a cleansing firestorm, burning holes in carefully honed public personas and turning the heat back on those whose job is to keep the social conscience and hold the powerful to account. Many women and men have come forward and the #Metoo movement is taking shape in India. Yesterday, producer and writer Vinta Nanda accused Alok Nath of raping her in the 90’s. Kailash Kher has also been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.

Sona Mohapatra alleges Kailash Kher of making advances to her, “The shamelessness of this man. To call himself ‘simple’, ‘devoted to music’ & even claiming amnesia. If this chap could dare try this stunt with me, it’s a disease that he has & I can vouch for not only these two women’s stories but hundreds more he would’ve have preyed on.,” she tweeted.

Here are a series of tweets by Sona Mohapatra

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