Microsoft to replace Edge with its own Chromium variant

Microsoft to replace Edge with its own Chromium variant

Internet browsing is that one department where Microsoft has found it really difficult to make a breakthrough.

Even the introduction of a lightweight design could not save their last web browser release of Microsoft Edge. Introduced three years ago, the Edge could garnish only a little success as users walked-away from the browser after a flurry of issues made it difficult for them to surf the internet.

The tech giant has now decided to come up with a new web browser which will run on a rendering engine called Chromium. According to the reports, Microsoft will make an official announcement about its intentions to come up with a Chromium-based browser later this week.

With Chromium, websites should perform with higher stability. Codenamed Anaheim, the browser could use a new brand or back the already-in-place label of Edge.

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