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National Albert Day 2024 (US): History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts

National Albert Day 2024 honors individuals with the name Albert, derived from Germanic origins, associated with intelligence, prestige, regality, and dignity.

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National Albert Day 2024 (US) History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About Albert and Alberts

National Albert Day 2024 (US): Annually, National Albert Day is observed on February 27. It honors all individuals with the name Albert, whether living or deceased. Primarily, the name Albert derives from Germanic origins. Throughout history, this name has been closely associated with intelligence, prestige, regality, and dignity, from Prince Albert to Albert Einstein. Ancient Germans were the first to use it, and it subsequently gained recognition as a hugely popular masculine name on a global scale. Its popularity declined consistently in the early 20th century, but it is still admired for the qualities it embodies.

The History of National Albert Day

Albert is an internationally prevalent masculine given name. This name is associated with intelligence and nobility. It is a simplification of the ancient Germanic names Adalbert and Albrecht and is of Germanic origin. The former was derived from the nouns ‘adal’ and ‘baht’, which mean ‘noble’ and ‘brilliant’, respectively.

Throughout history, this name has been associated with nobility, and numerous sovereigns have been honored with it. Albert I, Prince of Monaco; Albert Fredrick, Duke of Prussia; and Albert VII, Archduke of Austria, established a connection between this name and social status and monarchy. Nevertheless, Prince Albert, the German prince who married British Queen Victoria in 1840, stands as the preeminent illustration. The marriage of Prince Albert and his subsequent prominence in England is thought to have significantly influenced the prevalence and connotation of this name as a royal one.

Before the royal wedding and the advent of Prince Albert as Prince Consort, despite the Normans having introduced the name, it was virtually unheard of in England. Other notable Alberts, besides the royals, include the theologian Albert Schweitzer and the incomparable Albert Einstein, both of whom made substantial contributions to their respective disciplines. Numerous Christian saints bore this appellation, with Saint Albert of Prague, an aristocratic eccentric who met his demise as a martyr, being the most notable. The fusion of their dignified and intelligent personas with their global influence increased the name’s prestige.

This name conjures up an image of an eminent, shrewd, and noble gentleman. This has resulted in its widespread appeal among cultures worldwide. Aubert (French), Albir (Arabic), Alberto (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese), Alpart (Tamil), and Alvertos (Greek) are a few of the many national variants. In search of a name that epitomizes poise, dignity, and intellect, this is the only option for parents to consider.

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FAQs for National Albert Day

What does this name formally mean?

Constant monitors consist of Bertie, Al, Bert, Albo, and Albie. It is noteworthy to point out that although Albert is typically associated with men, women also use it as a middle or last name. The appellation Alberta is a feminine representation of this name.

Is Albert a bygone moniker?

Albert is considered a traditional name, comparable in style to George or Walter. While it has experienced a decrease in prevalence over time, it continues to be a stylish option for parents who wish to endow their children with a noble or traditional aura.

Presently, how many Alberts reside in the United States?

The name appeared 4,90,807 times in the data of the United States Social Security Administration between 1880 and 2018. In 1918, the appellation attained its pinnacle. In the same year, 1,256 infant males were given the given name in the state of Pennsylvania.

National Albert Day 2024 (US) Activities

Congregate with Albert

Incorporate Albert into your daily routine. Drink, socialize, savor a meal, and engage in robust conversation. Simply give them a call, as today is the occasion to express your gratitude to your Albert.

Consult Albert

Numerous Alberts, including Camus and Albert Wendt, have authored works that have engrossed the globe. Consider some words attributed to the renowned Alberts today. “The Stranger” (Camus), “Thyme of Death” (Susan Wittig Albert), and, for those in need of enlightenment, “The Theory of Relativity” (Einstein) are notable examples.

Laugh in concert with Albert

Numerous Alberts, including Albert Brooks and Fat Albert, have entertained us on-screen and made us laugh out loud. “Broadcast News” or “The Fat Albert Show” ensure that no day is ever monotonous.

Five fascinating facts concerning Albert and Alberts

The prevalence of the name has decreased.

Albert is ranked 277th in Germany, 523rd in the United States, 57th in England, and 44th in Denmark among boy’s given names as of 2020.

They make the ideal companions.

Due to the intense grief she was experiencing as a result of her spouse’s passing, Queen Victoria refrained from remarrying in 1861.

Alberts is defeated.

After losing to Bush, Al Gore established a distinguished career promoting environmentalism, which ultimately earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

An honorable proposition

Einstein graciously declined the offer of the Presidency of Israel in 1952.

Stipe of a portable timepiece

The stem that rotates the timepiece of a pocket watch is also referred to as an Albert.


Year Date Day
2024 February 27 Tuesday
2025 February 27 Thursday
2026 February 27 Friday
2027 February 27 Saturday
2028 February 27 Sunday