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National Saul Day 2024: History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

National Saul Day 2024, observed on February 26, honors the serene appellation bestowed upon Israel's greatest monarch and Saint Paul before his conversion to Christianity.

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National Saul Day 2024 History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

National Saul Day 2024: National Saul Day is observed on February 26. Male-given in Hebrew, Saul translates to “prayed for.” This serene and appropriate appellation was bestowed upon one of the greatest monarchs of Israel, as well as Saint Paul, before his conversion to Christianity.

Saul, a name befitting a child who has been eagerly anticipated, has recently become linked to the renowned novelist Saul Bellow. Additionally, the character named Saul from John Dryden’s poem also appears as the main character in the well-liked American television series “Better Call Saul.”

National Saul Day History

The name Saul, derived from the Hebrew word Shaul, signified “requested.” An Israelite monarch, whose narrative is documented in the first book of Samuel, is referred to. Despite his victory over Israel’s synergy and military prowess, Saul’s reign was unstable. His protracted conflict with the youthful David, who ultimately succeeded him, precipitated his demise.

Possibly as a consequence of this, the ancient popularity of the given name was not as substantial as it is today. An additional factor impeding its acceptance as a Christian appellation was its association with St. Paul, an individual who formerly went by that name during his persecution of Christians but subsequently abandoned it after embracing Christianity.

The Saul surname was prevalent in Canada, Scotland, the United States, and the United Kingdom from 1840 to 1920. The United States had the greatest concentration of Saul families in 1880. In 1891, approximately 378 Saul families were residing in Lancashire. About 26% of all known Sauls existed in the United Kingdom.

Between 1946 and 2004, the life expectancy of Sauls in the United States exhibited variability, reaching its minimum in 1953 and its maximum in 1999. From 1946 to 2004, the average life expectancy increased from 69 to 76 years.

Contemporary naming conventions view the name Saul as fashionable because it is antiquated and uncommon. A name like Saul might be a good choice if you want something unusual. Furthermore, certain descendants of Saul have been able to atone for their ancestors’ transgressions admirably.

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FAQs for National Saul Day

What prompted Paul to rebrand himself as Saul?

During that era, it was customary for Jews to possess dual surnames, one in Hebrew and the other in Greek or Latin. According to Acts of the Apostles, in the vision that precipitated his conversion en route to Damascus, Jesus addressed him twice in the Hebrew language as Saul.

What caused Saul’s envy of David?

Saul appointed David as the commander of his army; however, incensed and envious of David’s success, Saul devised a scheme to have him executed.

Saul’s age in “Better Call Saul” is what?

Time passes slowly on the show; he does not turn 51 until the fourth season.

National Saul Day Activities

Engage in social media

The purpose of name days is introspection and self-love. As you commemorate, publish entertaining articles concerning the significance, origin, and meaning of your name.

Employ the name

Saul is a name that is still relatively uncommon and could be an excellent selection. Do not hesitate to give your firstborn child or a furry companion the name Saul.

Organize a name-day celebration

Coordinate a social gathering with your companions and deliberate on the symbolic significance attributed to one another’s names. Increasing the enjoyment by locating individuals who share your name.


Year Date Day
2024 February 26 Monday
2025 February 26 Wednesday
2026 February 26 Thursday
2027 February 26 Friday
2028 February 26 Saturday


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