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National Energy Multiplier Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Activities, Facts

The Energy Multiplier is a combination of matcha, guayusa, and ginger designed to keep you energised throughout the day.

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National Energy Multiplier Day 2023

National Energy Multiplier Day 2023: National Energy Multiplier Day is annually observed on August 16. This is a celebration honouring Energy Multiplier, the most recent Liquid I.V. multiplier. The Energy Multiplier is a combination of matcha, guayusa, and ginger designed to keep you energised throughout the day. Nearly every morning, people ingest energy drinks to perk up, energise themselves, and awaken. Some do not sleep, some are exhausted, and others simply lack motivation and fortitude. Because this beverage contains caffeine, it can restore a person’s lost vitality.

National Energy Multiplier Day: A Brief History

Young individuals purchase energy drinks for the health benefits of caffeine and other ingredients. Experts concur that caffeine-containing energy drinks increase alertness. Dietary supplements in energy beverages, such as vitamin B12, are regarded as having beneficial properties. When producers sponsor or advertise extreme sporting events and music concerts, as well as target youthful audiences through social media channels, they are primarily marketing energy drinks to adolescents. There is evidence that L-theanine, a compound present in some energy drinks, has a positive impact on mood, anxiety, and cognitive function, which is amplified when combined with caffeine.

Energy beverages were a prominent component of the early soft drink market. For instance, Pepsi was initially marketed as a vitality drink. Dr. Enuf was one of the first energy beverages introduced in America following the Forty Barrels case. In 1949, a Chicago businessman named William Mark Schwartz asked his coworkers to create a vitamin-enriched soft drink as an alternative to sugary carbonated beverages loaded with empty calories. He created a “energy booster” beverage with B vitamins, caffeine, and cane sugar.

One of the newest hydration multipliers on the market is liquid I.V. Their formulation employs the cutting-edge science of cellular transport technology (C.T.T. ), which is founded on the optimal ratio of ingredients that hydrate the body more quickly. Energy Multiplier is an optimal supplement that promotes sustained energy throughout the day. It contains 100 mg of natural caffeine with a rapid onset of action, which is roughly equivalent to one to two cups of coffee, but without the energy crash. Liquid I.V. uses premium ingredients to keep its products pure and uncomplicated, ensuring that you receive the hydration you require without the additives you don’t.

Activities on National Energy Multiplier Day

Drink Energy Booster

National Energy Multiplayer Day is the ideal time to consume this tasty energy drink. Purchase a new Energy Multiplayer and take your time with it. Energy for the entire day is assured!

Share this day with others

Because this holiday is new, many people are oblivious of it. Using social media, inform them about this day and how you commemorate it.

Favour your companions

There are approximately fourteen energy drink packets in the carton. Inviting your friends, preparing an Energy Multiplier, and drinking it collectively.

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Five caffeine facts that will blow your mind

  • The half-life of caffeine is approximately four hours, or the time required to eradicate half of the caffeine from the body.
  • Rarely, caffeine can be fatal when ingested in relatively high doses (roughly 30 to 50 cups of coffee).
  • Professor of psychiatry and pharmacology Dr. Peter Martin stated that caffeine is not particularly addictive.
  • Coffee is derived from bushes known as coffee cherries, which bear red berries when mature and contain actual green coffee beans.
  • Caffeine influences not only how the body responds to stress, but also how the mind perceives stress, thereby exacerbating it.

National Energy Multiplier Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 16 Wednesday
2024 August 16 Friday
2025 August 16 Saturday
2026 August 16 Sunday
2027 August 16 Monday