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National Folding Laundry Day 2024: Date, History and Activities

Over time, wooden or stone scrubbing boards set up near a water source were replaced by movable rub boards and, soon after, by washboards made in a factory.

By Sanya Oberoi
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National Folding Laundry Day

National Folding Laundry Day 2024: Every year on March 30, it’s National Folding Laundry Day. Yes, we really mean it. It’s time to iron the clothes you haven’t folded yet, fold them up nicely, and put them back in your closet where they belong. The clothes that are sitting on your chair in the room, on your bed, or that you haven’t even taken out of the dryer yet. Or, if you haven’t used them in a year, pack them up and give them to a good cause. Let’s get everyone in the family to help us fold all the clothes.


What does the word “laundry” make you think of? A dryer and a washer? Laundry is the act of washing, cleaning, drying, and ironing clothes and other materials. This is a good mental picture, but it doesn’t mean that’s all laundry is. It’s been around since clothes were first made. At first, people did their laundry in flowing water, letting the water carry away the materials, which might leave stains and odors. The clothes were rubbed, bent, or slapped against flat rocks to get the dirt out. The dirt could also have been beaten out with a bat or a stick made of wood.

Over time, movable rub boards and then washboards made in a factory took the place of wooden or stone scrubbing boards set up close to a water source. The clean, wet clothes were then hung up to dry on poles or lines. In towns all over Europe, people also did their laundry in a shared space. These places were called “washhouses,” and women did the washing for their whole families there. Washerwomen got paid to do other people’s clothes. Women would gather in these washhouses to meet other women and talk about everything.

In the modern world, where everyone works all the time and is always on the go, the laundry often gets done and then left in a pile. On National Folding Laundry Day, people are reminded of how much they hate this job. So get the whole family involved and get it done quickly.

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Do your clothes

Wash a load of clothes. We’ve all got clothes that need to be washed. Don’t forget to keep your whites and delicates separate!

Fold your clothes

Fold those clothes that you just washed. No more “I’ll do it the next day.” Do it. Now.

Change things up.

Try out different ways to fold your clothes to save room and be more creative. Make doing it more fun.


Baths and washhouses for the public

Some European countries combined washhouses and public baths to improve cleanliness and cut down on the spread of disease.

Men did it too

In India, guys used to be the ones who did the laundry.

The right to breathe was taken away.

Some places in the United States don’t let people dry their clothes outside.

Ulysses was saved by laundry

In Homer’s “Odyssey,” Princess Nausicaa and her maids are doing laundry on the beach when they see a shipwrecked Ulysses and save him. This shows that doing laundry can save lives!

Lots of loads per week

The average American family does eight to ten loads of laundry a week.


Year Date Day
2023 March 30 Thursday
2024 March 30 Saturday
2025 March 30 Sunday
2026 March 30 Monday
2027 March 30 Tuesday