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National Hug Your Dog Day 2024: Activities and Dates

April 10 is designated as National Hug Your Dog Day 2024, a day dedicated to the affection and love that can be given to our canines.

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National Hug Your Dog Day 2024 Activities and Dates
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National Hug Your Dog Day 2024: Because our canines merit every bit of affection and love that we can muster, there is an entire day set aside for the sole purpose of giving them hugs. April 10 is National Day to Hug Your Dog.

By affectionately embracing one’s companion, an individual and the canine both produce the hormone “oxytocin,” colloquially known as “the cuddle hormone.” A strong, firm squeeze not only strengthens your bond with your pet, but also conveys your concern for them. Today is a day to honor your companion for everything it does.

Therefore, today, take your dog and give them an extra hug.

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Activities on National Hug Your Dog Day

Commence a walk

Today, consider taking your dog on an extra-long stroll or to a nearby dog park. Observing the delight it brings them will cause you to question why you don’t engage in it more frequently.

Attend a canine date.

Bring your companion to a restaurant that welcomes canines. Particular delights are prepared for those who wish to dine together. After that, if they are an especially excellent dog, treat them to ice cream; however, avoid giving them too much.

Commemorate canine history

While you watch your beloved dog movie together, honor your pet on this sacred day by holding them tightly, giving them an extra-long belly rub, and cuddling them on the floor or couch. Many well-known canines, ranging from “Lassie” to “Scooby Doo,” merit commemoration.


Year Date Day
2024 April 10 Wednesday
2025 April 10 Thursday
2026 April 10 Friday
2027 April 10 Saturday
2028 April 10 Monday