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National IT Professionals Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts

If a user smokes cigarettes while using an Apple computer, the warranty is voided.

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National IT Professionals Day 2023

National IT Professionals Day 2023: National I.T. Professionals Day is observed annually on the third Tuesday of September, or September 21 this year, to honor the technical experts — network engineers, system administrators, database administrators, ethical hackers, and many others — who ensure the smooth operation of our computer systems. It takes a solid set of skills and abilities to fill the shoes of an I.T. professional, so today we thank the people who come to fix our devices when they stop working properly — the behind-the-scenes operators without whom we would be back in front of an archaic chalkboard, doing things manually. On this day, let’s assist IT students in locating scholarship opportunities so they can continue their education and become professionals in the field.

National IT Professionals Day 2023: HISTORY

National I.T. Professionals Day was established in 2015 to demonstrate appreciation for the tech wizards who ensure that the average worker’s station remains connected to the company network and operates flawlessly.

If you’re of a certain age, you may recall when the only definition of ‘attachment’ was a physical piece of paper attached with a metal paper clip to a memo that had been physically copied by a mimeograph machine. Since then, technology has virtually advanced at the speed of light, and someone has always had to keep up with the most recent technological development in order to manage any system malfunctions. These men and women are indispensable to the success of business practices. Today, we pat them on the back, purchase them a cup of coffee, or simply say “Thanks!” Your IT professionals will value it.

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Increasing by a factor of 2

Apple has roughly twice as much money as the United States Treasury.

How much?

Apple employs approximately 90,000 individuals, or roughly the population of Albany, New York.

Never fire up

If a user smokes cigarettes while using an Apple computer, the warranty is voided.

Contrast and compare

Apple earned more revenue in the first quarter of 2014 than Facebook, Google, and Amazon combined.

Extremely reserved to a fault

In his final 15 years at Apple, the late Steve Jobs paid himself only one dollar per year in order to qualify for the company’s health insurance.

National IT Professionals Day 2023: SIGNIFICANCE

Those men can accomplish feats we cannot.

Our perception of I.T. professionals as magicians is based on their specialized skill set. Similar to your auto mechanic, who can identify and repair issues with your vehicle that you have never heard of. Except, if your company has its own I.T. department, you don’t have to pay $80 per hour for a complicated repair!

IT professionals deserve recognition as much as anyone else.

The people who keep things running — refuse collectors, postal carriers, truck drivers, and especially I.T. professionals — need to hear from everyone else that they are essential and indispensable, because without them, everything would grind to a halt.

An opportunity to get to know a known person

Who knows what you could learn about their lives if you were to take your I.T. professional out for coffee. You might even discover that you share common interests and create a new friend out of someone who was previously just a face!


Year Date Day
2022 September 20 Tuesday
2023 September 19 Tuesday
2024 September 17 Tuesday
2025 September 16 Tuesday
2026 September 15 Tuesday