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National Moonshine Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance, Activities

When it comes time to celebrate National Moonshine Day on the first Thursday of June (June 1 this year), you can partake without remorse.

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National Moonshine Day
National Moonshine Day

National Moonshine Day: Once a fiery (and unlawful) homemade liquor, moonshine is now legal. Still, the drink evokes vivid memories of Prohibition, fast cars, and makeshift stills in the Appalachian forests from the early 20th century. When it comes time to celebrate National Moonshine Day on the first Thursday of June (June 1 this year), you can partake without remorse.

National Moonshine Day: History

With the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) in 1919, the alcoholic beverage attained legendary status. At that time, Americans who desired alcohol had to purchase it on the illicit market, which was dominated by moonshiners and bootleggers. They distilled the moonshine and then distributed it, making everyone involved criminals.

Today, large distilleries sell alcohol in an effort to revive sentimental associations with the illicit beverage. Thankfully, the days of cheap, dubious beers containing lethal contaminants are over.


Craft cocktails are currently trendy, and many of them ask for spirits that has been infused. Start with some good old-fashioned moonshine, then choose your mix-ins — herbs are a wonderful choice — and let them marinate. You may not be distilling your own alcohol, but the essence is there!

Moonshiners were a creative bunch, coming up with interesting nicknames and tunes to commemorate their lifestyle. Songs such as “Copper Kettle” and “Apple Pie Moonshine” contributed to the creation of the legend of bootleggers and moonshiners. Then there are the nicknames for the alcoholic beverages, including cranium cracker, white lightning, mule kick and radiator whisky. It is difficult for advertising agency copywriters to match the creativity of bootleggers.

Now that marijuana is increasingly legal for recreational use, prohibition seems positively archaic. It is the only Constitutional amendment that has ever been repealed. (For the time being, at least) the existence of liquor reminds us to be grateful that we live in a country that allows us certain liberties.

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Sample a craft whisky.

Craft whiskies are those that are produced by modest distilleries or even individuals. These whiskies are produced without the use of machinery. Therefore, if you want to feel like you’re commemorating the days of moonshining, drinking craft whisky will get you closer than drinking large-batch whisky from a well-known distillery. We cannot guarantee that your artisanal whisky was distilled in a backyard still, nor can we guarantee that it was not.

Observe a NASCAR competition

NASCAR’s origins are rife with tales of bootleggers fleeing authorities in modified vehicles while transporting moonshine. As the demand for bootleggers decreased, the drivers needed a means to demonstrate the speed of their vehicles. Eventually, they began competing on local back roads and then on gravel ovals. NASCAR was created. The history of auto racing in North Carolina began in the garages of bootleggers, primarily on the roads between North Wilkesboro and Charlotte, according to historians. NASCAR of today bears little resemblance to the early days of back roads and bootleggers, and neither does the danger of blindness associated with drinking whisky. Both are beneficial.

Work under the moon

Want to comprehend the complexity of moonshining? Those who made liquor had to operate in the dark to avoid detection by authorities. Their only guide was the moonlight. So you can attempt performing an outdoor task solely in the moonlight. (Preferably something that does not entail moving blades or working on a ladder, please – safety first!)


Year Date Day
2021 June 3 Thursday
2022 June 2 Thursday
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 6 Thursday
2025 June 5 Thursday