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Secretary Day 2024 (Colombia): Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts

Secretary Day 2024 in Colombia honors secretaries' undervalued efforts, observed on April 24. Known as Admin Day, it has evolved over the years.

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Secretary Day 2024 (Colombia) Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Secretary
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Secretary Day 2024 (Colombia): Secretary Day is observed annually on a Wednesday during the final week of April to recognize the long-undervalued efforts of secretaries. The date for this year is April 24. Throughout the years, this day has evolved and been known by various names, including Admin Day.

It is observed during Administrative Professionals Week. It acknowledges secretaries for their diligent efforts. Although there are numerous methods to honor and celebrate your secretary, expressing gratitude is the most essential. Secretarial positions are often overlooked despite the fact that they are crucial and enable others to carry out their duties.

Secretary Day History

Critical to the success and operation of enterprises are clerical positions. Secretaries perform a critical function, yet their contributions are frequently overlooked. The term’secretarius’ originated in ancient Rome to denote an individual entrusted with the responsibility of supervising discrete and official affairs on behalf of influential individuals. This position has a rich historical lineage.

At last, recognition is beginning to emerge among the general public regarding the arduous efforts of secretaries around the globe. Prior to the current gender bias against secretaries, clerical positions were exclusively held by males. This transformation began in the 1880s. Women began to occupy these positions due to the lack of educational requirements. Beginning with secretary positions, women entered the workforce. Clerical occupations experienced a surge in female popularity subsequent to the deployment of men to fight in the conflict.

Inception of the acknowledgment of secretaries’ arduous labors occurred during World War II. Due to the depression and low birthrate, administrative personnel were in limited supply. The establishment of the National Secretaries Association, formerly known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals, in 1942 was significantly impacted by this. The objective of this non-profit organization was to raise awareness about the significance of this career path and expand its workforce. They began administering the Certified Professional Secretary examination in 1951. Presently, they provide an extensive array of supplementary certifications.

As a merchant who understood the importance of secretaries to organizations, Harry F. Klemfuss established Secretary’s Day in 1952 to honor the then-exclusively female secretaries. His intention was to demonstrate the value of secretaries and inspire more women to pursue careers in this field. When he established Secretaries’ Day on June 4, 2000, it was changed to a Wednesday during the final week of April.

Naturally, secretaries can be of either gender in the present day. This holiday is currently observed in numerous countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many others. This holiday serves as a reminder of the significance of expressing gratitude to these underappreciated professionals for fostering a productive and hospitable work environment.

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Secretary Day 2024 (Colombia) FAQs

Define a secretary.

An individual engaged in the tasks of document preparation and management, file organization, office inventory supervision, and appointment scheduling.

What abilities are necessary for a secretary?

In addition to proficient computer skills, secretaries should have excellent verbal and written communication abilities. They ought to be adaptable, organized, meticulous, and proficient problem solvers.

Which credentials are necessary to obtain the position of secretary?

In addition to clerical experience, a high school diploma or GED was required for secretary positions.

Secretary Day 2024 (Colombia) Activities

Honoring your attendants

The most appropriate method to commemorate is by bestowing tokens of appreciation upon your secretaries, including gifts, a thoughtful card, and a party. Office employees adore nothing more than unanticipated gatherings featuring cake.

Express your gratitude to them.

Demonstrate your gratitude to your secretaries by delivering a speech in front of your colleagues. Please recount anecdotes involving your secretaries and instances in which they have been of assistance to you.

Contribute to social media

Create a social media post in order to establish a precedent. Exhibit to others the significance of honoring and respecting every individual with whom you collaborate.

Five Interesting Secretary Facts

Secretary is derived from Latin.

The term’secretary’ originates from the Latin word’secretarius,’ which is derived from the verb’secernere,’ denoting the action of differentiating.

The average secretary is a woman.

A substantial proportion of females continue to hold this formerly male-dominated occupation—94.2% of secretaries and administrative assistants are female.

Secretaries were regal servants.

Historically, royal palaces employed secretaries, who were entrusted with extremely sensitive information.

More exists than you might expect.

The United States employs 22 million aides.

Certain characters that you hold dear are assistants.

Pam from “The Office” and Andrea from “The Devil Wears Prada” are the most renowned secretaries.


Year Date Day
2024 April 24 Wednesday
2025 April 23 Wednesday
2026 April 22 Wednesday


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