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National Scrapbook Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

lmost as ancient as time itself is the practise of journaling and recording history to remind us of what has passed. The earliest known example of journaling dates back to the 15th century.

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National Scrapbook Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

National Scrapbook Day 2023: National Scrapbook Day is observed on the first Saturday of May, which will occur on May 6 this year. In preparation, we are preparing our scissors and adhesive. Almost as ancient as time itself is the practise of journaling and recording history to remind us of what has passed. The earliest known example of journaling dates back to the 15th century. To preserve recipes, landmark addresses, quotations, poems, history, etc., people would cut out images and create scrapbooks. Others utilised scrapbooks as a method for anticipating the future. In the end, scrapbooks are comparable to visual diaries.


There are no records of the exact date of the first National Scrapbook Day, but it is observed annually on the first Saturday of May. The first scrapbooks appeared in the 15th century. People would either purchase specialised notebooks or reuse those that were lying around. Not only were scrapbooks instruments of historical preservation, but they also became an integral part of the identities of many individuals. Several pieces of evidence indicate that, during the 16th century, Europeans used scrapbooks to document their alliances and relationships. These scrapbooks resembled contemporary yearbooks in that they contained signatures, best wishes, quotations, etc. Students, particularly women, would chronicle their college experiences.

President Thomas Jefferson was a well-known individual who was an avid scrapbooker. During his presidency from 1801 to 1809, he collected newspaper and magazine clippings about the administration’s activities. After the invention of persistent photography by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826, scrapbooking with photographs became extremely popular. However, photo albums, a companion of scrapbooks, did not become popular until much later, in 1860, because people believed that photographs should not be shared or reproduced for others.

In addition to pictures and text, people would also paste miniature memorabilia into scrapbooks. Flowers from a trip or a loved one are, and continue to be, a prevalent example. The flower would become pressed and discoloured as the years passed, but the memory of that particular time would endure. Mark Twain, a well-known American author and entrepreneur, capitalised on the popularity of scrapbooks by releasing notebooks with photo and memorabilia-storing nooks affixed to the pages.


Make a photo album

Preserve your memories by reviewing old photographs and placing them in a scrapbook. When that scrapbook is complete, you can begin a new one and fill it with new memories. Appreciate the time that has passed.

revisit a previously completed album

Bring down an old scrapbook or album from the rafters to reflect on the past. Relive those moments and reflect on how far you’ve come since then. A healthy dose of reminiscence has never harmed anyone.

Gather family members for scrapbooking.

Gather your friends and family for a session of scrapbooking, whether online or offline. Not only will the activity be more enjoyable with others, but it will also be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past and discuss your hopes for the present and future.

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Five Journaling Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Writing enhances immunity.

According to studies, journaling can enhance immunity by improving liver and lung function and lowering blood pressure.

Journaling enhances recall

Regular journaling strengthens memory muscles by enhancing working memory capacity and comprehension skills.

Journaling enhances IQ.

Writing as a form of exercise promotes language acquisition, which is positively correlated with intelligence.

Journaling instructs you

By making journaling a habit, you exercise self-discipline by committing to incorporating something into your life on a regular basis.

Writing in a journal reduces anxiety and depression

Journaling helps you keep track of your emotions, often disclosing the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression.


This is a celebration of pleasant memories

In essence, life is a box containing all of our memories — the good, the terrible, and the indifferent. Preserving the excellent ones transports us back in time, allowing us to relive those moments and the lessons they taught us.

It is a celebration of imagination.

Taking photographs of life and preserving them in an attractive manner is a contemporary aesthetic that many of us live for. Human creativity is limitless. Creativity enables us to invent and preserve new and old objects, giving them a new identity.

It is a commemoration of the past

By preserving history, not only ours but that of the entire world, we contribute to the improvement of the planet for future generations. Future generations can improve their lives by learning from our perseverance (and errors).


Year Date Day
2022 May 7 Saturday
2023 May 6 Saturday
2024 May 4 Saturday
2025 May 3 Saturday
2026 May 2 Saturday
2027 May 1 Saturday