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National Vegan Lipstick Day 2024 (US): History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About vegan makeup

National Vegan Lipstick Day 2024 celebrates cruelty-free cosmetics, dating back over 5,000 years, for vegans who prefer products without animal components.

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National Vegan Lipstick Day 2024 (US) History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About vegan makeup

National Vegan Lipstick Day 2024 (US): The 28th of February is National Vegan Lipstick Day, and we are prepared to celebrate. Do you know that the use of cosmetics dates back more than 5,000 years? Indeed, attempt to comprehend that with all your mind. Historically, makeup has been utilized since ancient Egypt. Following this, cruelty-free cosmetics were developed, such as vegan lipstick, for vegans who prefer to use products that do not cause injury to animals or contain animal components. It is all about them and their red on this special day.

National Vegan Lipstick Day History

Makeup has existed for quite some time. It has been a product marketed to enhance the confidence and presentability of women over time. However, much has changed since the time of your grandmother. In the present day, a wide range of individuals utilize cosmetics to manifest their unique style and aesthetic preferences. This includes women of different age groups, gender-nonconforming individuals, and those who are simply experimenting with their creativity.

After harmful-use litigation, numerous changes were made to cosmetics as well; for instance, some lipsticks incorporated glue-like fluids, whereas asbestos was used in the formulation of some blushes. The production of thousands of cosmetics is diverse, and they serve a multitude of functions. However, a significant development in the field is the introduction and development of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. Organizations like Cruelty Free International and their affiliated partners are in charge of monitoring businesses that want to become “cruelty-free.” The Leaping Bunny Program grants membership to manufacturers of beauty and domestic goods that do not conduct animal testing. In exchange, these companies are permitted to incorporate the leaping bunny logo of Cruelty-Free International onto their products. This program also establishes global sales and operational standards.

Established by the American cosmetics brand CakeLipps, National Vegan Lipstick Day is a nationwide occasion to promote vegan lipstick and inform the public about the necessity of purchasing vegan lipstick to avoid animal-derived cosmetics. On February 28, we observe National Vegan Lipstick Day in remembrance of the company’s founding member, Grandma Bert.

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FAQs on National Vegan Lipstick Day

Are vegan cosmetics devoid of chemicals?

Vegan cosmetics might contain synthetic components that are also found in conventional cosmetics. The fundamental distinction is that vegan cosmetics exclude ingredients derived from animals.

What advantages do vegan cosmetics offer?

Because vegan beauty products contain fewer ingredients, they function more effectively. Due to their recent entry into the market, there is a greater variety of color and palette choices available.

Are vegan cosmetics organic?

Vegan cosmetics are those that do not contain any animal-derived substances, byproducts, or ingredients.

Activities on National Vegan Lipstick Day

Discover a vegan cosmetics facility

Few of the hundreds of cosmetics factories around the globe manufacture vegan cosmetics. Identify a manufacturer of vegan cosmetics and pay a factory visit. They will provide a tour and illustrate the unique qualities that distinguish vegan cosmetics. You might even be given complimentary samples as a gift.

Invest in plant-based cosmetics

After conducting adequate research and gaining a deeper understanding of the cause, proceed with the purchase of vegan lipstick. These products are cruelty-free and non-harmful to animals, which may even influence your makeup usage by providing a little more purpose to your daily beauty regimen.

Educate an acquaintance regarding cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics.

No marketing strategy is more effective than word-of-mouth. By disclosing these products to your friends and family, you are raising awareness about a category of cosmetics that is environmentally conscious, cruelty-free, and responsible for animals. Additionally, you can purchase extras to distribute to your peers. Indeed, caring begins with sharing.

Five intriguing facts regarding vegan makeup

Numerous nations have outlawed animal experimentation.

Already prohibited in the European Union, Norway, Israel, and India is the sale or import of beauty products that have undergone animal experimentation for cosmetic purposes.

The PETA Vegan Makeup List

The United States-based organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offers a search engine and a list of certified cruelty-free cosmetic brands that can be downloaded.

There are no animal ingredients used.

Except for cosmetic brushes crafted from synthetic fur instead of genuine animal fur, vegan products do not contain any animal-derived components, including milk, eggs, honey, or beeswax.

Bear in mind the bounding rabbit.

Cruelty-Free International, formerly the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, accredits products as cruelty-free by affixing the symbol of a bounding rabbit.

Testing on animals may be secure.

Alternative methods of testing on animals include cosmetological tests that utilize tissue cultures and the remains of animals slaughtered for the meat industry.


Year Date Day
2024 February 28 Wednesday
2025 February 28 Friday
2026 February 28 Saturday
2027 February 28 Sunday
2028 February 28 Monday