Netizens shell-shocked to see Amazon selling coconut shells for Rs 1400

The recent buss on social media comes from popular e-commerce website Amazon which has left the netizens shell-shocked. The website known to make bizarre sales from time to time has once again confuses buyers with the sale of “Natural Coconut Shell Cup”, and that too for a hefty price of Rs 1,365.

“This is an actual, real, coconut. Therefore, it may have cracks, dents and imperfections. Coconut cups are a must have Hawaiian accessory for tropical theme events like Hawaiian Luaus, corporate parties, weddings, and more,” the seller, Century Novelty, wrote on the description panel of the website.

With Indian customers, the item did not evoke a positive response. After pictures of the coconut shell went viral on social media, the troll world was quick to respond, expressing shock.  Someone asked whether it was made of gold.

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