Notebook Movie Review: Salman Khan launches Zaheer Iqbal & Pranutan Bahl in an “unseen” love story

Notebook Movie Review: Salman Khan launches Zaheer Iqbal & Pranutan Bahl in an “unseen” love story

Produced by Salman Khan production ‘Notebook’ is a tenderest yet most lyrical love story of Salman’s career. This is a romance where the lead pair doesn’t meet. They touch each other’s lives through words but not poetry.

Director Nitin Kakkar creates stirring alchemy in the romance. The mood is as somber as the Kashmir Valley when there is no threat around.

This is a love story that dares to be pure. It defines the concept of echo-walking, where one protagonist walks on the footprints left behind by another, bringing together the two polarized protagonists in ways that they themselves wouldn’t comprehend.

The film stars debutant Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl, where Pranutan plays a school teacher Firdaus somewhere in Kashmir. She teaches seven little kids but has to make a difficult choice between them and getting married. When she leaves the kids behind, Zaheer arrives at the school as her replacement. As he bonds with the young kids, he also finds an old notebook, left behind by the Pranutan. Through the notebook, he learns a lot about her and falls in love with her without ever seeing her

The two newcomers are fluent in their movements expressing growing fondness for their never seen before love. Zaheer Iqbal is unconventionally heroic. He displays surprising unrehearsed emotions. Pranutan has a fragile yet strong presence. With time this talent can be polished and will shine brightly in the future.

Shot on the beautiful locations of Kashmir, the film is truly shot like a dream by cinematographer Manoj Kumar Khatoi.

Notebook is directed by Nitin Kakkar. Zaheer is the son of Salman’s childhood friend Iqbal and was an assistant director on his film Jai Ho. Pranutan is the granddaughter of legendary actor Nutan or daughter of Mohnish Bahl, despite that she has given a tough audition to bag the role in the film. Both of the co-stars have always wanted to be actors.

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