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Opinion | Why I do not support the Citizenship Amendment Bill

The CAB paves the way for citizenship to lakhs of illegal immigrants living in various parts of the country, even if they lacked any document to prove their residency.

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US House panel tweets against India's Citizenship Amendment Bill

The Rajya Sabha passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB) on Wednesday with 125 members voting for and 105 against the Bill amid the demand for referring the Bill to the Select Committee.

To all those who ask me why I am against the Citizenship Amendment Bill:

If there’s one thing I haveve learnt in the past few years, it is that people will say anything to make you agree to their agenda! I do not believe in their white lies anymore.

They are the same people who took out a Garv Yatra, not 6 months after the Godhra riots. Ever wonder what they were proud of?

They are the same people who weren’t even allowed to enter their own state, and now tour the world on your money!

These are the same people who have the maximum number of MLAs and MPs with criminal cases against them, when they said they wouldn’t!

They are the same people who said that they will protect women from rape and sexual assault, but have the maximum number MPs & MLAs with cases of crimes against women!

These are the same people who gave a terror accused a ticket and made her a Member of Parliament despite her statements against Gandhi & in favour of his murderer; while saying they were against terrorism in the first place!

These are the same people who said that India is shining with Startup India, Stand Up India, Digital India, Ease of Doing Business in India; but have since, managed to shut down the businesses that were running successfully for decades!

These are the same people who opposed GST when Manmohan Singh wanted to introduce it; and then launched a hatched GST which they eventually changed to the same GST and took credit for it!

They are the same people who spoke of Development during their election campaigns, and cut the budget for education, while building statues!

These are the same people who promised us a 5 Trillion Economy, and 15 Lakhs in everyone’s accounts. But the reality is that the economic growth is only slowing down since they came, but they don’t acknowledge that since people are in the halls watching movies!

They are the same people who subjected people to demonetisation. They have still not accepted what a big disaster that was! They do not acknowledge the loss to the economy or the loss of life, health, money to the general public in lieu.

They are the same people who took to the streets against rising onion prices, and now claim they don’t eat onions and garlic in their food!

They are the same people who abrogated Article 370 claiming it was for the benefit of the people, and for development of the region. That was on 5th August, and they were to have economic summits to bring in investment. It’s been 4 months since, and people in Kashmir are so developed that they don’t even have access to the internet to know how much has been done for them!

They are the same people who said that they wanted to bring all of India on the same platform of quality when they abrogated article 370, and then excluded the North East from the CAB Bill!

These are the same people who claim that the Congress divided this country on the basis of religion, while continuing to introduce anti-constitutional non-secular bills in the parliament, fully knowing that it was Sangh parivar’s Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who formulated the two-nation theory with the greatest clarity in his 1923, 16 years before Jinnah proposed the same idea!

So, please excuse me for not taking their word for anything. And when they tell you that the CAB is not against any minority, think before you believe them!

(The views expressed above are the author’s own. Newsd neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)


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