Pak agent 'honey traps' 50 Indian Jawans; Soldier arrested for spying in Jaisalmer

Pak agent ‘honey traps’ 50 Army Jawans; Soldier arrested for sharing sensitive information on social media

An Indian Army soldier posted in Jaisalmer was arrested by Rajasthan police after Military Intelligence (MI) discovered he was virtually honey trapped by Pakistan-based ISI operatives on social media and passing critical military information to them.

As per the many local reports, a Pakistan-based Facebook ID with an Indian name is suspected to have been in touch with 50-60 Indian Army soldiers posted in sensitive areas. Anika Chopra claims to be an Army Captain of the Military Nursing Corps. In her profile picture on Facebook, she is seen wearing a green saree and a pretty smile. Soldier Somveer Singh, allegedly shared sensitive information Anika Chopra which led to his detention.

“The jawan has been arrested in Jaisalmer by the Rajasthan Police and the Army is providing all possible assistance to the civilian authorities in this investigation,” Defence PRO Colonel Sambit Ghosh said.

The Facebook ID had been active since 2016, and had coaxed the jawan, through sexual chat and photos, into sending pictures of his location, military exercises he took part in, as well as pictures of the “Arjun tank and its functioning.

Though honey-trapping itself is an old concept, the use of social media to obtain sensitive information from soldiers of rival nations is a relatively new but potent phenomenon. It has led the Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Navy to issue clear directions and rules for officers and jawans on online interactions.

The Army is now tracking multiple accounts of officers and jawans to probe if the Pakistani spy account was in touch with other personnel to get information from them.

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