Photo Gallery: Split images show heart- wrenching contrast between Western World and war-hit Middle East

After since World War II, Syrian conflict is considered the worst man-made disaster which has killed more than half a million children, women and men. The United Nations has estimated that the war has forced close to five million people flee the country. The healthcare system in the country is in tatters and more than four-fifth of the population now lives in poverty. All of this and there’s no end in sight.

While one part of the world lives a life of peace, calm and properity, there is war-hit Middle East leading a shattering life from past seen years.

In a attempt to show the world and raise awareness about the war-ravaged lives in Syria, an Istanbul-based artist Ugur Gallenkus created a digital collage series, showing the blunt disparity between the lives in destructive and chaotic Middle East and Western Countries.

Have a look at some o his photographs

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You can find more of Gallenkuş’ work on Instagram.

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