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Poor quality of river water in UP says CAG

A CAG report suggests that the water quality of crucial rivers in Uttar Pradesh don’t comply with the norms. The main reason of this could be inadequate sewage and industrial effluent treatment facilities in the state.

This review report on the economic sector for 2015-16 laid out in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly said the faulty existing treatment facilities was also accountable for the poor quality of water. The audit report further said that the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) failed to take appropriate action against the defaulters like municipal authorities and industries.

Notably, the UPPCB is responsible for monitoring the pollution levels of the rivers and water bodies by collecting samples from the state once every month.

The BOD (bio-chemical oxygen demand) level and total coliform (which included bacteria that are found in the soil in water that has been influenced by surface water and in human or animal waste) are above the prescribed standard in 12 major rivers and six water bodies for the years 2013-15, the report said.

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