Punjab: Woman kills pregnant neighbor and pulls out fetus on witch doctor’s advice
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Punjab: Woman kills pregnant neighbor and pulls out fetus on witch doctor’s advice

In a ghastly incident reported from Amritsar, a woman allegedly strangled her pregnant neighbor to death after constant failed attempts to conceive a child.

It was reported that the accused slit open the womb of the deceased and pulled out the fetus. Also, the accused was unable to conceive after she had a tubectomy done.

Allegedly, the accused committed the crime on the advice of a witch doctor. The accused identified as Ravinder Kaur and the incident took place in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

The accused had pulled the fetus because she wanted to claim it her own. But the fetus died within minutes of the incident. The accused was helped by her husband and family members in committing the crime. She also buried the fetus at her residence.

After the incident, the accused’s body was kept in a box as she was planning to dispose of the body later. The incident was reported after the family members of the deceased filed a missing complaint.

As per a report, the police stated the accused got married for the second time four years ago. The accused have four children from her first marriage. It is alleged that before divorcing her first husband the women went through tubectomy.

The witch doctor, Deeso advised the accused to murder a pregnant woman and claims her fetus as her own. Following her advice, the woman committed the crime.

The police have arrested five out of seven accused. The accused, her husband and her in-laws were booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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