Rajasthan girl saves man from drowning, spectators at standstill
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Rajasthan girl saves man from drowning, spectators at standstill

Sunita Choubisa, a 20-year-old girl from Udaipur, saved a man from drowning into the Fatehsagar Lake. While a bunch of spectators stood still watching a man struggling for life, Sunita, a college student dived into the lake to save Bhupinder who had fallen into the lake.

Young Sunita had gone for an evening walk along Fatehsagar Lake on Sunday last week, when she saw Bhupinder, a resident of Bhilwara who works in a hotel at Udiapole, drowning in the lake. Without giving a second thought, she jumped into the water and saved Bhupinder’s life.

Some people said it was a suicide attempt as he had jumped into the water, however seeing him drowning, while most of the people shouted for help, few started filming the scene in their mobile phones but Sunita was the only one who immediately jumped into the water and caught him by his legs.

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“It is sad that people are just by-standers and do not come ahead to help. Instead of videographing the incidents or taking selfies, people should show humanity and save lives,” said Sunita

Two years back, Sunita had similarly saved a girl’s life who was drowning in Fatehsagar Lake.

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